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What in the world is going on with OSU recruiting?

Oklahoma State is coming off a its fourth 10-win season under coach Gundy. Why doesn't it feel like they're capitalizing off of the exposure?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Oklahoma State isn’t Alabama.

The Cowboys don’t reel in multiple five star recruits a season. That just not a reasonable expectation. However, after a 10 win season, shot at the Big 12 title and a New Year’s Six bowl appearance, what is going on with recruiting? After a rash of decommitments the Pokes are sitting at 50th in the country and 7th in the Big 12, according to Of the current commits, there isn’t a single four or five star recruit.

Now, this doesn’t mean everything, as plenty of players can make a huge impact regardless of what their ranking is. Just look at Russell Okung or Emmanuel Ogbah, both came in as only three star prospects. However, shouldn’t we expect to see an uptick in recruiting after one of the best seasons in program history rather than having one of the worst ranked recruiting classes in recent history at OSU?

Let’s take a look at how Gundy and company have recruited in the past after 10+ win seasons. After the 2013 10 win season the Pokes came in with the 28th ranked class in the country good for 4th in the conference. That class contained five four star or better recruits including Mason Rudolph, among others. After 2011, the best season in program history in which the Pokes won 11 games and the Big 12, the incoming class was ranked 32nd in the country and 6th in the Big 12 including four recruits ranked a four star or better. OSU also won 11 games in 2010 and the class that followed that ranked 25th in the country and 4th in conference. That class included some four star quarterback named J.W. Walsh. So prior to this season, OSU following a 10+ win season has average a recruiting class ranked 28th in the country. A far cry from this season’s 50th ranked incoming class. In fact, this year’s class is on track to be Gundy’s worst ranked recruiting class since his first year as head coach in Stillwater.

There is plenty of reason to be frustrated with all the de commitments. We know Gundy cares more about system fit than how highly ranked a player is, but this trend as we head towards signing day is concerning nonetheless. Generally, after a big season in which a team is in the national spotlight recruiting takes an uptick yet OSU seems to be headed in the opposite direction.

With how the season ended, as well as the beatings the Pokes have taken on the recruiting trail, it sure doesn’t feel like a team that just won 10 games and returns 17 starters is having the big momentum boost one would expect.

Let’s hope Gundy and company can find a way to muster up a strong couple weeks on the recruiting trail as signing day nears.