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Nash Earns All-Star Game MVP

Le'Bryan Nash has been making the most of his rookie season in Japan.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

As a rookie for the Fukushima Firebonds, Nash has been lighting it up. He is league scoring leader at 25.8 points per game. The Firebonds find themselves fourth in the Eastern Conference at 26-14; they are currently on a three game win streak. Here are his full stats this season:

25.8 3.3 8.8 0.8 0.5 66.1 51.5 31.6

Nash produced similar numbers at Oklahoma State as a senior. In 2014, Nash had the second-highest league average in PPG with 17.2. He left OSU as the fourth all-time leading scorer in Cowboy history.

During the b-j league All-Star game, he met his average with 25 points and nine rebounds.

Here are some highlights from his performance:

And here's the clip where Nash was named the game's MVP:

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