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CRFF QotW: Will Jawun Evans Ever Be as Good as Marcus Smart?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Fleming: OK, let's go basketball for this Question of the Week. When it is all said and done, will Jawun evans leave OSU as good as or better than Marcus Smart?

Gerald Tracy: No.

Kyle Cox: I would need a bigger sample to go on before saying that. But maybe.

Thomas Fleming: You are right, this question might be a bit premature in hindsight.

Zach Collums: No because Smart was able to develop around a better team with better talent. As much as you can build your own talent, if you play with a subpar team, you'll never be able to develop thee same as someone on a better team.

Gallagher Swift: It depends on how long he stays. If he has a three or four year career, then definitely. He's a much better passer and he doesn't settle for jump shots. I don't think he'll be more successful at the NBA level than Smart, but he has the potential to leave OSU with a better collegiate career.

Kyle Cox: By better, what are we saying? He will never have the physical tools that Smart has, but he seems to be as good or better when it comes to playmaking.

Zach Collums: I'd agree with Gallagher, it's almost better for him that the team is not as good as Smart's team. Hopefully, it makes him stay in the hopes that the team will get progressively better.

Gallagher Swift: I'm excited to see how well Evans does next year. If he can avoid a sophomore slump, he'll have more weapons to work with next year. Forte will help, and at the moment we've got two recruits coming in who can make immediate impacts.

Thomas Fleming: Personally, I think that he's a more heady player than Smart already. Smart sometimes had the tendency to just start throwing up shots.

Robert Whetsell: He's not as good as a defender, and he has more turnovers. Everything else he is already equal to or better than right now.

Zach Collums: Ok, how about this -- if Ford were to be fired, do you think that would help (depending on who OSU would get) or hurt his development?

Kyle Cox: It could help. Depends on who they bring in. I'm all for getting rid of Ford for basketball reasons, but you need to get someone who will improve things...Now if you're getting rid of Ford for ticket sales and fan morale, anyone will probably do short-term.

Thomas Fleming: I think you'd be surprised on how much Ford may have on Evans' development. I don't know if that Youtube video of them in the film room was truthful or just propaganda.