Take a Moment

Tomorrow night will be the fifteenth anniversary of the plane crash that took the lives of 10 members of The Oklahoma State Basketball team in 2001. For the Baylor game there will be a presentation during Half-Time tomorrow night and no matter the score, please stay in your seats and help the OSU family Remember the Ten Lives that were lost 15 years ago.

The plane crash happened when I was in first grade, yet I have been to the plane crash site and seen the memorial that is there. I remember being at the crash site, when I saw the memorial it truly touched me and showed me the significance that these men meant to our OSU family. Tomorrow night's game offers a moment to reflect back on where you were when the crash happened. The freshman class on campus right now was just learning how to walk. As an OSU family lets take a moment tomorrow night to remember the 10 men we lost on January 27th, 2001.

Click HERE for media coverage related to the crash

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