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Five Reasons You Should Attend Tonight's Game

Debating whether you should go to the game? Let me give you five good reasons to go to tonight's game

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Oklahoma State is playing host to No. 15 Baylor. We know that this team has been struggling, but there is a list of good reasons to attend tonight's game at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

1. Jawun Evans

This guy is a talented basketball player and is starting to get some notice on the court. He has been Big 12 Player of The Week a couple of times this season and exciting things seem to follow him in big games. The effort he puts in for this program for the future could be huge.

2. This team can be fun to watch on home court

Just admit it, the last couple of home games have been fun - win or lose. Oklahoma State had no chance of beating Oklahoma or Kansas, but they came close to upsetting Oklahoma and took the chance when they beat Kansas.

3. The jerseys

Have you seen tonight's jerseys? If not, you may be missing out on these sick, awesome jerseys! If you are into retro or vintage stuff, then tonight is the night. If you're into "the glory years" - then this might be your time to see them.

4. Players need the support

Having a good number of fans at Gallagher-Iba Arena does make a difference! When you watch this team on the court, they may not have the talent, but they definitely have the heart to play the game. Without the fan support, it may been a different story the last couple of home games.

5. Remember the 10 (Most important reason out of these five)

The victims families, former players and coaches will be here tonight to be a part of this remembrance. It will be awesome to be here not just for the players, but to show support for the families as well.