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15 years later - we still remember

Times have changed, but we will never forget. The Cowboy family is stronger than ever after going through multiple tragedies.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

On January 27, 2001, where were you at on that cold, dreary night?

I was about seven-years-old sitting at the table finishing my dinner and my mom was watching TV and the news came on that a plane went missing with some members of the OSU basketball team. That night we lost 10 great men that contributed a lot to the OSU family, athletic department, but most importantly - ten families lost their husbands, family members or fathers, sons, whatever.

In 2011, about 10 years later, another tragedy came knocking on our footsteps when our women's basketball coaches were killed in a plane crash in Arkansas. After going through that tragedy, it gave me a glimpse of how everyone felt after the first plane crash - seeing as I was very young in 2001. None of us would of thought that about four years later, after the second plane crash, that this university would face another tragedy when a car ran through spectators at this year's homecoming parade, killing four people and injuring even more.

A lot of good and bad things had happened since that tragic day. What have we learned since the incident? The answer to that is the cowboy family is stronger than ever. Through the good and bad, the cowboy family is always there for each other to be supportive. Tonight, as we play Baylor let's not forget the 10 men that contributed to this university and to their own families.

Let's never forget.