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CRFF Roundtable: NCAA Rules and Trade Talks

The staff looks at recruiting, makes up trades and gives baseball season predictions.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
1)      What one NCAA recruiting rule would you change/create and why? Or do you like it the way it is?
2)      Make an (in-conference) men's b-ball trade that helps OSU now. Starters only. No package deals.
3)      Baseball is coming. Predictions for the upcoming season?

Leave us your answers below. Thanks for reading.


1) If you win a conference championship or make it to the College Football Playoff, you're not allowed to sign any 5-star recruits the following year.

1a) If you have any 5-star recruits and have a losing record, you're not allowed to sign any 5-star recruits until you have a winning record.

1b) If you're OU, Texas, or any other team I don't like, you're not allowed to sign any 5-star recruits EVER. Baylor, you only get kids kicked out of other programs...oh, wait...

2) No package deals? That's like saying you won't negotiate with terrorists. Any deal that doesn't involve giving Travis Ford away and a sum of money that would make God blush is unacceptable.

3) Ford doesn't coach baseball, so I'm going with multiple post season wins.


1) Early signing day in football. If this was strictly b-ball related, no AAU players are NCAA eligible.

2) I don't follow the round ball outside of OSU but I'd say Buddy Hield for any starter, don't care which one.

3) Lots of W's and pissy Texas fans.


1) The limited phone calls and texts thing is a little odd to me but overall I think the system is fine the way it is.

2) Travis Ford for a McDonald's Ice Tea.

3) Omaha. We return seven starters, three of which had All-Big 12 honors last season. We also return nine pitchers from a staff that was one of the NCAA's best last year. Pokes fans should be excited.


1) How about every athlete signs on the same day? That would eliminate recruits De'Andre Jordan-ing at the last moment. If a recruit wants to switch schools after signing day, make him sit out a year.

2) I don't think we can salvage this season. How about Bill Self for Travis Ford?

3) This is the year the Cowboys make it out of their own regional. We're hosting regionals again and I think it's time to take that next step. TCU and Texas will be tough, but the Big 12 runs through Stillwater.


1) Find a way to make people stop tweeting recruits. It's nearly impossible logistically, but damn, it needs to stop.

2) Leyton Hammonds for Rico Gathers. They wouldn't take that, though. Not in a million years.

3) Host a regional and get PAST the regional. Also, I expect them to win the conference and/or the conference tourney.


1) Allow recruits to sign early. All the same rules apply once you're signed. Keep signing day as the end of the recruiting window. Maybe start it in November. Gives recruits a chance to weigh their options but allows them to sign early if their decision is made so teams can devote recruiting time/resources to filling out the class instead of re-recruiting commits.

2) Mitchell Solomon for Georges Niang. I'm not sure how realistic it is but hey.

3) I say the Pokes host another regional and makes it to Omaha this year.