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CRFF Roundtable: Was the 2015 Campaign a Success?

Oklahoma State went 10-3 this year, yet the Cowboys aren't exactly riding high headed into the offseason. Was the 2015 campaign a success, or did its ending taint the entire season's work?

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Thomas Fleming: So how was the Sugar Bowl for everyone...

Kyle Cox: I tried so hard not to scream at the T.V. in front of my two year old daughter.

Cade Webb: That was so frustrating. One month of rest, and we shot ourselves in the foot left and right.

Chris Ross: Being an OSU fan sucks sometimes.

Gallagher Swift: "The good news is that it's going to be hard to lose worse than Iowa today."

Zach Collums: That was the first time I've actually turned off the T.V. and stopped watching the game.

Kyle Cox: Murphy's Law.

Thomas Fleming: I still hear "Hotty Toddy" in my nightmares.

Chris Ross: Has Gundy peaked as a head coach?

Cade Webb: My dad said that this may be our peak as a team...It's scary that I would probably agree with that.

Zach Collums: Well I can't believe that. We had a horrible offensive line and lost a couple of seriously impactful defensive players. And went 10-3

Chris Ross: Back to the spread. It's the only option.

Kyle Cox: You still have to have some kind of O-line.

Zach Collums: Yes we caught some breaks but still we well exceeded our ceiling this season.

Chris Ross: Zach, it's just different. Yes, they are 10-3, but only played one good game. They had eight games with a poor showing, so who are they really?

Zach Collums: If we lost the few close games we had and went, like, 8-5 or 9-4, we'd be saying that this was a decent season. Instead, everyone thinks it was a disastrous one.

Thomas Fleming: I agree. I think we created an unrealistic expectation. By going 10-0 and clamoring for a playoff spot, we all had extremely high expectations. If they lost a couple of games before their three losses, I think people would just consider this season a so-so one instead of what people think it is now.

Zach Collums: Two things that I think really killed us this season: 1) not fully embracing the spread and 2) not being inventive enough with the run and forcing ourselves to run when it wouldn't work.

Thomas Fleming: What's better -- going 10-3 with all three losses coming at the end, or going 9-4 with the losses sprinkles around the season and a bowl game victory, albeit in a lesser bowl.

Chris Ross: Losses sprinkles throughout -- look at LSU, they were ready to fire Les.

Thomas Fleming: So would you then consider 2015 a success?

Robert Whetsell: That would be a big fat f---ing yes. You can quote me on that.

Gerald Tracy: Yes. The team won 10 games and went to the Sugar Bowl.

Gallagher Swift: It's hard to be disappointed with 10 wins, but give me 7-6 with a Bedlam win over 10-3 and a Bedlam blowout any day. It would be different if we were competitive against OU and Ole Miss, but we weren't.

Cameron Osburn: I predicted a 10-2 regular season and that's what happened so I'd say yes. It wasn't extraordinary, but they met my expectations and those of most fans as well.

Gerald Tracy: Yeah, I mean OSU just doesn't beat OU. It happens. I'm used to it.

Gallagher Swift: If we have to get beaten by OU every year, can we not do it on primetime with the Big 12 on the line?

Gerald Tracy: I'd rather it be done that way. It was great pub. Sure, I'd like it to be more like 2012 than 2015 but that's not the case.

Gallagher Swift: No, f--- that. 2012 broke my heart too.

Chris Ross: Yes. You look at the win/loss column and OSU met expectations. However, expectations were that OSU would challenge for a Big 12 title, and the last three games proved that they weren't close to doing that. What did they lose by, something like 73 points combined? That's sad.

Thomas Fleming: I agree. Ultimately, the season was a success only because of their record. Everything else points to a kind of melancholy feeling headed into the offseason. It's all about how you finish -- last year, they went 7-6 but finished the season feeling on top of the world. Now, everyone feels down, yet they went 10-3. Hopefully things will change now that next season's schedule isn't so backloaded.

So was this year a success, or did its ultimate expectations deem it a disappointment? Voice your opinions below in the comments!