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Oklahoma State to Hold Open Tryouts for Kickoff Specialist

Mike Gundy is looking for a kickoff specialist for next season, and if you are a student at Oklahoma State, you might be that person.

It appears that Mike Gundy is looking for a new kickoff specialist.

According to the man himself, if you are able to kick a football 65 yards consistently, he would love to see it.

In an interview with Kyle Fredrickson of The Daily Oklahoman, Gundy said, "We need to find a guy that can kick the ball out of the end zone... There's got to be somebody on this campus that's a soccer player or something that we can find, come over and kickoff for us.

"If anybody can do it and kick the ball in the end zone, then they can play for us," Gundy added.

With field position being such an important part of football, having a kicker who can consistently put the ball out of the back of the end zone is a huge bonus. In 2015, Ben Grogan handled kicking duties for the Pokes. Grogan recorded 22 touchbacks on 87 attempts.

So, Oklahoma State students, if you've got the ability, now is your opportunity. I'm sure you'll know where to find Coach Gundy.