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CRFF Roundtable: What happened to that Rudolph/Walsh Package?

The CRFF staff looks at something that may have been missing down the stretch, what we should expect from the MBB team and possible OSU NFL draft prospects.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

1)      Why didn't we see more of the Rudolph/Walsh package down the stretch?

2)      What is the realistic ceiling for this year's men's b-ball team?

3)      Obviously, Emmanuel Ogbah will be the highest draft pick on the team. Which player has the next best chance to get drafted and why?

Okay, so there were two different interpretations of question #1. That's on me. But it's okay. The point is to get us talking. Join the conversation in the comment section below.


1) Because it didn't work. Walsh wasn't nearly as effective in the last three games in his package, because there wasn't really a threat of him passing. I would have liked to see Walsh pass more out of his formation to keep the defense from loading the box.


3) Kevin Peterson might be the only other Cowboy with a reasonable shot. I'd love to see Jimmy Bean get a chance, but I'd be surprised (in a good way) if he gets drafted. I could see Peterson get taken in the 6th or 7th round, mainly because he has experience against big time receivers.


1) That's a great question. Against Baylor...well, that entire game was an offensive clustermess. Against OU, Rudolph was obviously hurt. Against Ole Miss, I have no idea. And that's very frustrating for me.

2) Beat one good team. That's all I'm asking for. ONE GOOD TEAM. Please.

3) I would say Kevin Peterson or Jimmy Bean. Those are about the only other NFL prospects that I can think of that are on this team. Maybe Peterson can get drafted on day two or three and Bean can find himself on a team somehow or another.


1) How about why didn't we see Rudolph AND Walsh on the field together, like Gundy alluded too? (Robert was on the right track).

2) Reality? The only reality for this team is defined by Ford's contract. As long as he's still here, they'll underachieve.

3) The only other player getting drafted is Peterson. Bean has an outside chance, will probably go as an undrafted FA. I think the more important question is do any of them avoid getting picked up by Cleveland?


1) No offensive rhythm. Also, Walsh at QB was the best running threat the team had. I'm still a little shocked they didn't use Walsh more at WR and have him do different stuff out of that look. I think Yurcich missed the boat on some of the stuff he could've done with Walsh.

2) I see the ceiling at 15-17 wins. There isn't enough talent to win more than that.

3) Kevin Peterson should get drafted. I wouldn't be shocked to see Glidden get drafted real late. Guys who will likely get a look in camps: Simmons, Jones, Bean, Hunter, Shep (Glidden will at the very least get an invite to camp IMO).


1) Against Ole Miss no one had a chance to run for positive yardage, so the Walsh package wouldn't work. Against Baylor and Ole Miss the game got out of reach quickly, which forced more passing situations, and Rudolph is obviously the guy to throw the rock.

2) With no Forte, no chance. I don't even think this team will make the NIT.

3) Its Kevin Peterson. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report currently has him ranked as his 91st best player in this year's draft class. I can see KP going in the third or fourth round.


1) Well, the Baylor game we got behind fairly quickly and were playing catchup the rest of the way, so we went to a passing attack. Then of course Rudolph's injury for OU. And the Ole Miss game was bizarre. Gundy told us that J.W. would see at least half of the snaps which didn't happen at all. Then we fell behind and tried to climb back in with Mason.

2) With Forte out I think an NIT appearance would be a reasonable ceiling. Expecting more would be too optimistic. I will say, however, that the team is getting better and is somewhat manageable to watch again. Hoping to see fans show up to some of these big games coming up.

3) Definitely Peterson. He'll go within the first three rounds for sure. He's the only other one I see getting drafted though.


1) Offensive line play was bad at the beginning of the season, but it was exposed down the stretch. Baylor, OU, and Ole Miss were all much stronger and faster than OSU in the trenches. With that, whenever Walsh was in, it allowed defenses to key on the run.

2) Honestly I'd be surprised if they make any sort of postseason tournament. I'm talking NIT, CBI, YMCA....... Forte being out for the year is a huge deal.

3) Kevin Peterson and Jimmy Bean are the obvious ones. I wouldn't be surprised to see an NFL team pick up David Glidden as an undrafted free agent, though. The small, Slot WR position is hot in the NFL now, and he fits the bill. Probably won't make a roster, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him get picked up somewhere.


Nate, Matt Miller also thinks Ogbah isn't a first round talent. So let's be careful on him lol. But I agree it's probably going to be Peterson. Bean may get a chance as an undrafted free agent but to be honest there's too many good ends out there that didn't tear a knee ligament. We didn't see that package because I don't think the coaches have it as a comeback mode play it's probably more of a, "hey, we're winning. Let's have fun." Which, if you remember, we didn't have any fun the last three games.

Kyle Cox

1) So I was obviously too ambiguous in my wording of the first question, but again that's on me. Either way, we got some good insight.

Myself, I was a little disappointed not to see both on the field at the same time. I have a feeling that the Rudolph injury made the coaching staff push some things off the table. And I get it. OSU played from behind in about 11 of their last 12 quarters and with Gundy being conservative in nature, it was probably out of the question. I think that they may have just tossed it before Bowl practice.

2) They will unfortunately somehow make the NCAA tournament with a sub .500 record because the Big 12 is so good. It (again) won't be fair to some other teams and it (again) won't be fair to OSU fans because it may give Ford some more leeway. Boo.

3) I would say Peterson is a good choice. Bean's chances will suffer because of his injury and the way the team finished. (To me those two are more connected than some may think.) Glidden would be my wild card to get drafted late or signed FA by New England. They love them little slot guys.