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Game Recap: OFFENSE and Special Teams(?)

Texas couldn’t keep up with the high powered Oklahoma State Offense

Pitt v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

First half summary/stats:

  • The Oklahoma State offense is really good.
  • The Texas offense is really good.
  • The Oklahoma State defense is not very good.
  • The Texas defense is not very good.

Simple enough, right?

The half started and ended with momentum on Oklahoma State’s side. The Oklahoma State offense came out firing, as Justice Hill scored on a 30-yard run, and then James Washington put the Cowboys up two scores with a 54-yard touchdown reception.

Texas then settled down and showed us the running game that everyone has been talking about. D’Onta Foreman scored one touchdown, and Tyrone Swoopes and the 18-wheeler package punched in two easy touchdowns. The Cowboys tightened up in the second quarter, forcing Texas to try to throw the ball. Buechele had success, but it was a conservative half for him.

The Cowboys surged back in the second quarter, with a Mason Rudolph TD run, and two long TD passes to “Lil Sho”, Jalen McCleskey.

Special teams has made an obvious impact on this half, as Texas had three of their PAT’s blocked and later missed a field goal. One of those XP’s was taken back to the house for an OSU two-point conversion. Vincent Taylor was an animal out there, surging through the middle to block two of the XP’s.

Mason Rudolph - 15-for-21 / 310 yards / 3 TDs

Justice Hill - 10 rushes / 65 yards / 1 TD

Jalen McCleskey - 4 rec / 109 yards / 2 TDs


The first half ended OSU - 37 UT - 25

Second half summary / full game stats:

The second half wasn’t quite as exciting as the first. The second half started out with a quick Texas punt, and then a punt by Oklahoma State. On the OSU drive, James Washington was spun around and knocked out cold by a Texas defender. Due to concussion policy, Washington was announced to be out for the rest of the game. The hit had a lot of head-to-head contact, so targeting was expected, but it was not called (much to the displeasure of BPS).

The rest of the 3rd quarter seemed like it went by faster than James Washington on a go route. Jordan Sterns took a gift wrapped interception to their two yard line, which Barry J punched in two plays later. A long TD run by D’Onta Foreman quickly followed to bring Texas back into striking distance.

The Cowboys held a lead during the fourth quarter, and slowed everything down. The quarter belonged to Justice Hill and Ben Grogan. The most exciting part of the 4th quarter was a sideline explosion by Mike Gundy. He was upset about the refs failing to reset the play clock. It looked like he took all of his referee frustration out in about 2 minutes of yelling and arm pumping. It was miraculous.

Mason Rudolph - 19-for-28 / 392 yards / 3 TDs

Justice Hill - 25 rushes / 135 yards / 1 TD

Jalen McCleskey - 4 rec / 109 yards / 2 TDs

Shane Buechele - 21-for-33 / 239 yards / 1 TD / 1 INT

D’Onta Foreman - 17 rushes / 148 yards / 2 TDs


Cowboys finished off the Longhorns: OSU - 49 UT - 31

Go Pokes! Have a great rest of your weekend, folks!