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Position Group Spotlight: Punter

The position deserves some recognition this week

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been two days since OSU came back to beat Iowa State. While most of us are still lamenting the defensive play, the position we should be talking about is punter.

It’s a position on the team we never much think about, until it goes wrong. Yet it can help flip a game. It’s one guy, who doesn’t get much credit, but this week, credit is due to Zach Sinor.

Field Position

In the second half, when OSU found themselves trailing, Sinor did his part to help the defense. On all six second half punts, Sinor planted Iowa State inside their own 20 yard line.

  • ISU 6
  • ISU 15
  • ISU 15
  • ISU 20
  • ISU 10

Of his nine total punts in the game, only two landed outside the Iowa State 20. That’s huge, especially when it mattered. His longest was 57, one of two punts that went more than 50 yards.

Plus, Iowa State’s punt return yards? Negative nine. While special teams play has a lot to do with that, the punter’s ability to hang the ball in the air long enough for the defenders to get down the field, plays a big role in how often the opposing team calls for a fair catch.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

On The Season

It’s not like this is something new for Sinor. So far this season, compared to other Big 12 punters, Sinor has the second longest punt (65 yards), the second most punts over 50 yards (7), and has the most punts landed inside the 20 by five (19). That’s what you want from a punter. Add to that, the fact that after six games, opposing teams have a TOTAL of 26 punt return yards.

Sinor is just a redshirt sophomore, which means we should get another two years out of him. I think we can all feel good about the punter position for awhile.