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The Oklahoma State MVP Draft: Week 6 Recap

A change at the top of the standings!

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Week 6 of the season is over. That mean’s we’re halfway done with the season. Where did it go? That also means we’re nearly halfway done with the MVP Drafts! Let’s see how everyone did this week.

Phillip - 5 points

OSU: O - Justice Hill | D - Chad Whitener | ST - Zach Sinor
ISU: O - Joel Lanning | D - Willie Harvey | ST - Cole Netten

Cade - 2 points

OSU: O - Justice Hill | D - Vincent Taylor | ST - Ben Grogan
ISU: O - Mike Warren | D - Kamari Cotton-Moya | ST - Cole Netten

Dustin - 2 points

OSU: O – Justice Hill | D – Jordan Sterns | ST - Ben Grogan
ISU: O – Joel Lanning | D – Kamari Cotton-Moya | ST – Cole Netten

Kyle - 1 point(s)

OSU: O – Justice Hill | D – Jordan Sterns | ST – Vincent Taylor
ISU: O – Mike Warren | D – Kamari Cotton-Moya | ST – Trever Ryen

Joel - 3 points

OSU: O - Justice Hill | D - Jordan Sterns | S - Ben Grogan
ISU: O - Allen Lazard | D - Evrett Edwards | S - Cole Netten

Oklahoma State

Offense: We all picked Justice Hill, so we all get the point (I’m going to have to figure out how to change this for next season). Hill didn’t do as well as expected, getting 57 yards on 18 carries and one touchdown. He also had a fumble, that luckily was recovered by OSU. These are the games that remind us, that as spectacular as Hill has been, he is still a true freshman.
Defense: Sterns didn’t play this week, so it comes down to Taylor and Whitener. This one is easy; Taylor racked up four total tackles. Whitener grabbed five solo tackles and two tackles for a loss.
Special Teams: Grogan nailed his one field goal, and all five extra points, but this was Sinor’s week. We debated him as the MVP for the game on Slack. Iowa State’s starting field position in the second half on OSU punts? ISU’s own 6, 15, 20, 20, and 10. He did as much for OSU’s second half comeback as the offense.

Iowa State

Offense: Lanning did a lot of the team this week, despite splitting QB duties with Jacob Park. He went 19/32 for 190 yards and two TDs through the air and 67 yards on the ground. However, Lazard lived up to his reputation as one of the better receivers in the league. Six catches for 55 yards and two touchdowns. He scored ISU’s first and final touchdowns. No, he isn’t James Washington, but you could see the talent on the field Saturday.
Defense: Cotton-Moya didn’t record a stat (I don’t think he played) Saturday so it comes down to Harvey and Edwards. Harvey led the team with eight total tackles, including five solo and a quarterback hurry. Edwards had four solo tackles and a tackle for a loss. I put a lot of value in tackles for a loss, but Harvey takes the point this week. Special Teams: Ryen got -9 yards on 2 punt returns. Netten hit his solo field goal and all four extra points. Netten gets the point.

So here’s the standings after week 6:

Phillip - 18 points
Cade - 16 points
Christopher/Kyle - 13 points
Dustin - 13 points
Joel - 13 points

Come back Thursday for a Special Byeweek edition of the MVP Post!