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The Oklahoma State MVP Draft: Bye Week Recap

Which OSU player-turned-pro performed the best last week?

NBA: Preseason-Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week is over which means we can finally get back to OSU football! Before we get to that, we need to recap the bye week MVP Draft.

We changed the format just for this week. Each player chose a former Oklahoma State athlete now competing in the pros, be it in basketball, golf, football. The best pick earns three points, runner up gets one.

Phillip - 0 points
Dan Bailey | NFL Dallas Cowboys
Sunday v.s. Green Bay
3/3 FGs | 3/3 XPs | 12 points

Cade - 1 point
Emmanuel Ogbah | NFL Cleveland Browns
Sunday v.s. Tennessee
3 tackles | 1 sack | 1 TFL

Dustin - 0 points
Charles Howell III | PGA
Safeway Open - CUT

Kyle - 0 points
Markel Brown | NBA Cleveland Cavaliers
Thursday v.s. Toronto
2/5 5pts | 4 rbs | 2 ast | +/- -6 | 18 min.

Friday @ Chicago
1/7 5pts | 2 rbs | 0 ast | +/- -15 | 17 min.

Joel - 3 points
Marcus Smart | NBA Boston Celtics
Thursday @ Brooklyn
4-10 13 pts | 3 rbs | 4 ast | +/- +14 | 22 min.

Saturday @ New York
4-9 11 pts | 3 rbs | 1 ast | +/- +11 | 21 min.

I’m going with Marcus Smart as the winner for this week after he went a combined +25 for the Boston Celtics this weekend. Yes, I know it’s the preseason, but Smart came off the bench for Boston in the two games. Smart has locked himself in as an integral part of this Boston team especially on the defensive side. Smart grabbed 5 steals combined in the two games. On the down side, his three point shot doesn’t seem to have improved; he was a combined 1-7 in the two games.

I’m giving the runner-up point to the Ogbah pick. Yes Bailey had a good game, including setting a team record with his 23rd career game with three or more field goals. The thing is, he’s always good. This week, I’m rewarding Ogbah for getting his first NFL sack. I truly believe Ogbah has the ability to last in the league, wether it be with the awful Browns, or (hopefully for his sake) another team. For a guy who averaged just over 11 sacks a season over his last two years in college, it’s nice to see him finally get one in the big leagues.

With that, the updated standings are as follows:

Phillip - 18 points
Cade - 17 points
Joel - 16 points
Christopher/Kyle - 13 points
Dustin - 13 points

See you on Thursday with our picks for Kansas!