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CRFF The Podcast (Ep. 10) - Kansas Preview, BPS attendance problems

Another full show this week. Check it out.


We’re a day late (again), but we are exactly zero dollars short. Some technical difficulties kept us from posting this earlier today, so our apologies there. Alas, we are here now, and you won't be disappointed with this episode.

Dustin and I dove into Saturday’s game against Kansas, and whether or not it’s a trap game. Spoiler alert: It is. We also talked about a very hot topic in Stillwater right now... Attendance. Austin Higgs posted an article this week on his solution for keeping butts in seats at Boone Pickens Stadium. You can read that here.

Also in this episode, our weekly Big 12 pick’s segment. Keep in mind, we still need your input on what is at stake in the contest.

Without further ado, you can listen to this week’s podcast below on Soundcloud.

You can also listen on iTunes here. If you choose to do so, please subscribe to the podcast and leave us kind words!