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Uniform Predictions: Kansas

What new look will the Cowboys unveil for Kansas?

So, we know what Kansas will be wearing on Saturday:

But, what will the Cowboys be sporting for the game. Here are our expert predictions. As always all points are imaginary and the pictures are just to get a rough idea of what we are predicting.


White / White / Black - White Marshal Badge helmet

After seeing Gundy with the Marshall Badge on his shirt earlier this week, I think OSU is all-in on the new logo. I expect them to be worn this week and often.



I heard OSU is going without helmet and pads because this is basically like a "walk through."

I'm going with all cap, t-shirt, and cargo shorts. Maybe they whip out some snazzy orange Jordans with white socks.

Dustin & Garett:

Gray / White / Gray - Gray Marshal Badge helmet

Garett and I found out in our Slack chat that we have the exact same idea for this week. Going with the Gundy shirt press conference idea, like Phillip, we think the Cowboys show off a new helmet with this clean road look.


White / White / Orange - White Marshal Badge helmet.

I think they save B/W/B for a big road game. But, I like this look for the KU game.


White / White / Black - White Marshal Badge helmet

Not going to lie, the uniforms the Jayhawks are bringing out this week are pretty nice. So, OSU needs to pull out something just as good.

The Marshal Badge is now my favorite white helmet, so I think that'll be where they are going to go on Sunday. And I don't think OSU will go all white again, so I think they will go with black pants.


Gray / White / Orange - Gray Phantom Pete helmet

I was originally thinking G/W/G, but to be different I’ll go with G/W/O and a gray phantom Pete helmet.