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There's a New Sheriff in Stillwater...

Oklahoma State has a new all time leading scorer - senior kicker Ben Grogan


Coming into today's game, Oklahoma State's kicker Ben Grogan only needed to score 2 points to become the all time leading scorer in Cowboy football history. He got more than enough when the Cowboys faced Kansas, getting 14 total points to catapult himself into first place all time with 383 points.

Here is the kick that put Grogan all by himself on the top of the list.

Grogan passed former OSU standout and current Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey to move into first place. Bailey amassed a total of 370 points wearing America's Brightest Orange.

Grogan said Bailey is his role model. In an article from OSU Sports Extra, Grogan said,

In reference to Oklahoma State and how he compares to his idol, Grogan said,

Grogan passed Barry Sanders earlier this year, claiming 2nd place on the all-time scoring list while bumping OSU’s only Heisman winner to 3rd place.

While it wasn’t actually mentioned, by counting backwards, Grogan’s final field goal against Texas should have been the one that earned him 2nd place.

Congratulations to senior kicker Ben Grogan on the record!