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The Oklahoma State MVP Draft: Week 7 Recap

It was a good weekend to pick running backs

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

It’s been 8 weeks of drafting, and I think some of us are really starting to get the hang of this. This week the Cowboys took down the Jayhawks in Lawrence 44-20.

Phillip - 2 points
OSU: O - James Washington | D - Jordan Burton | ST - Ben Grogan
KU: O - Ke’aun Kinner | D - Marcquis Roberts | ST - Cole Moos

Cade - 3 points
OSU: O - Justice Hill | D - Jordan Burton | ST - Zach Sinor
KU: O - Ryan Willis | D - “Fish” Smithson | ST - Matthew Wyman

Dustin - 4 points
OSU: O – Justice Hill | D – Ramon Richards | ST – Ben Grogan
KU: O – Steven Sims Jr. | D – Anthony "Fish" Smithson | ST – Matthew Wyman

Christopher - 2 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Jordan Sterns | S - Ben Grogan
KU: O - Steven Sims Jr. | D - Dorance Armstrong, Jr. | S - LaQuvionte Gonzalez

Joel - 1 point(s)
OSU: O - James Washington | D - Vincent Taylor | S - Zach Sinor
KU: O - Steven Sims Jr. | D - Fish Smithson | S - Cole Moos

Oklahoma State

Offense: This was the WORST week to pick Washington, who did nabbed one ball for 9 yards. Rudolph threw for 220 yds and one TD, but got sacked five times. I realize the line deserves a lot of blame, but there were a few of those where Rudolph held onto the ball too long. The winner is easily Hill who rushed for a season and career high 162 yards and a touchdown. Fun fact: Hill had zero negative yards rushing this week.
Defense: I should award Dustin negative points for picking Richards, especially after he gave up that first KU touchdown while getting called for pass interference. Burton had a solid day with 5 solo tackles and a tackle for a loss. However, it comes down to Sterns and Taylor. Both had 4 total tackles. Taylor forced the fumble on KU’s first drive of the second half. The point goes to Sterns though, for his Interception, and kicking off the multi-lateral return. It could have gone horribly wrong... but it ended up awesome.

Special Teams: Sinor had another solid game. However, when you account for 14 points and become the school’s all-time leading scorer, passing the great Dan Bailey, you get the point. Congrats Ben Grogan!


Offense: Who would have thought picking the Kansas running back would be the right choice? Sims ended the day as the Jayhawks second leading receiver with 90 yards on 9 receptions. Willis got benched for Cozart who had a career day. Kinner just keep running over the Cowboys defense all day, especially in the second half. He racked up 145 yards on 14 carries.
Defense: This was the easiest point of the weekend. Fish had 16(!!!) total tackles including 14 solo, a sack, a tackle for a loss, and forced (and recovered) the early fumble by Mason Rudolph. Fish was everywhere, and looked like the best defensive player on the field Saturday.
Special Teams: Moos had a solid game averaging 45.8 yards on 4 punts. That included two over 50 yards and one that went for 66(!). Wyman gets the point though for handling kick-offs, field goals, and extra points. He had one field goal blocked, however it was a 59 yarder and quickly as the defense pushed through the blockers, he never really stood a chance. Fun Fact: OSU now leads FBS in kicks blocked with five!

With that, let’s take a look at the scoreboard

Phillip - 20 points
Cade - 20 points
Joel - 17 points
Dustin - 17 points
Christopher/Kyle - 15 points

Come back Thursday for week 8’s picks as the Cowboys take on the Mountaineers.