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CRFF Grades: Oklahoma State uniforms @ Kansas

Every fan has an opinion on the Oklahoma State uniforms, and so does every writer at CRFF.

Gary Rohman, USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma State Cowboys wear different uniforms each week (obviously), and the conversation about the threads is among the most polarizing each week. Every fan has an opinion, and so does every writer at CRFF.

Oklahoma State unveiled another new uniform combination on Saturday against Kansas, and the reviews were mixed. The Cowboys rocked the orange chrome helmet, with the white road jersey and gray pants. Here’s a refresher on that look:

Dustin Ragusa

“I'm not a fan of the huge pistol Pete or the orange helmet in general. The white jerseys though, are awesome. I also really like the gray pants. That being said, I'm not really into the three color combos, so I think this might be my least favorite uni this season.”

Final Grade: C

Phillip Slavin

“They're my least favorite of the season, and my least favorite going as far back as I can think. I love the white jersey with the grey pants, heck I wish we wore the grey pants more. I don't love the Giant Pete Orange Chrome (GPOC) helmet with the white jersey and grey pants. For one, I like GPOC, but only about once a year, twice at most. It's a fun helmet but far from my favorite. I think it ruined the jersey and pants combination.”

Final Grade: C

Joel Penfield

“It was my least favorite combo of the year, but what's ironic and that I still loved it. I'm not usually a fan of the orange chrome helmet, but it looked really nice coupled with the white jersey. I love the gray pants, it's a nice alternate. I thought overall it looked good together. However, I can't picture them doing this combo again.”

Final Grade: B

Will Hendrickson

“I liked the grey pants with white jersey look, pretty clean uniform combo. However, I'll go on record as saying I'm not the biggest fan of giant orange chrome Pete. I think our white helmets with the solid black stripe would have been a great look or even our matte black helmets. It may have looked different in person, but the orange chrome looked a little red on TV and we looked a lot like Georgia (not necessarily a bad thing). So not our worst combo, but not my favorite either.”

Final Grade: B

Robert Whetsell

“The only thing that saved this from an F was a really good 4th quarter.

Don't wear that crap again.

Oh, and I don't like grey and agree that the orange giant chrome Pete looked red.”

Final Grade: D

Tyler Wiederhoeft

“These uniforms were the worst of the year. I know I predicted the colors earlier, but something about the w/g combo looks unaesthetically pleasing to me. They are still OSU uniforms, so they weren't terrible, but they are on the bottom of the very short list of combos I want to see again.”

Final Grade: C-

Cade Webb

“I know it was an 11 A.M. kick, so i’m curious how you all were already so drunk. These uniforms were fantastic. Maybe it was because they looked infinitely better in person (they did), but I don’t think these uniforms deserve the scorn they got. I mean, just look at them. Goodness gracious.

I watched the replay on TV yesterday, though, and I definitely see how the chrome helmets look red under a certain light. Maybe reserving the orange chrome for night games is the next move. All in all, I think these are some of my favorites that OSU has worn this season.”

Final Grade: A