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Play of the Game: Kansas

This week’s play of the game includes a turnover, lineman running with the ball and a few laterals... it was wild!

This week’s play of the game was a crazy one. Late in the third quarter, Kansas quarterback Montell Cozart throws a long pass into double coverage. The ball is deflected and Cowboy safety Jordan Sterns comes away with the football.

Sterns takes off down the field and upon being hit decides to flip the ball to Vincent Taylor. Taylor then decided to run the option with fellow big man Jarrell Owens as his tail back. Taylor laterals the ball to Owens and he’s off to the races. Owens is finally brought down around the 15-yard line. The entire highlight takes about 30 seconds from start to finish.

The Cowboy fans in Lawrence and nearly everyone on Twitter enjoyed the play. As for Glenn Spencer...

We’ve seen Vincent Taylor show off his lateral skills before. He’s starting to look like former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch running the option out there. Taylor knows he has skills with the football and is even lobbying offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich for some playing time on the offensive side of the ball. He told NewsOK:

To which Yurcich instantly shot down:

This week’s honorable mention goes to DeQuinton Osborne’s interception in the third quarter. He makes an amazing catch and then absolutely destroys a Jayhawk defender while trying to get into the endzone.