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Where Does Gundy Rank on USA Today’s Head Coach Compensation Database?

USA Today released their list of coaches’ salaries. See where Gundy is ranked.

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

USA Today has released their annual college football head coach salary list.

The full list can be found here. Cowboy Head Coach Mike Gundy checks in at #22 with $3.775 million in total pay.

The database includes school pay, other pay, max bonus and bonuses paid (2015-2016). Other pay being income from sources listed on the coach’s most recent outside income report. Some schools do not provide this report. Below are a few items I noted upon review of the salaries:

  • Jim Harbaugh ranks #1 in total pay with $9.004 million.
  • 3 Big 12 coaches rank above Gundy: Bob Stoops, Charlie Strong and Gary Patterson.
  • 9 SEC coaches, 5 Big 10 coaches, 3 ACC coaches and 1 PAC 12 coach finished higher than Gundy on the list.
  • All of these coaches make way more money than I do, just saying.

Here’s USA Today’s methodology behind the database:

To determine the total pay packages of Football Bowl Subdivision head coaches for their current contract years, USA TODAY Sports requested all forms of compensation for the coach at all 128 schools. About 20 of the schools or athletics departments are private or are public schools covered under state law exempting them from releasing full compensation data on coaches. Schools that provided contract information were given the opportunity to review their figures.

Any pay the university guaranteed (even if paid by shoe/apparel company or another source) is listed as “school pay.” Anything not guaranteed by the university is listed as “other” pay.

A not available (–) in the chart denotes schools that are private; did not release the information; said they are no longer collecting outside-income reports following an NCAA rules change that ended the coaches’ reporting requirement as of Aug. 1, 2016; or schools whose coaches are new and had not filed an outside income report. A $0 means the coach doesn’t get compensation from that source.

Here are some other interesting items of note:

Well, I think I’ll go ask my boss for a raise now...