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Uniform Predictions: West Virginia

Could there be a throwback uniform worn on homecoming?

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

West Virigina released that they will be wearing an old school, traditional road look on Saturday in Stillwater:

I really like this look and I hope OSU pulls out something really impressive for this homecoming matchup. That being said, let’s get to this week’s “expert” uniform predictions by the CRFF staff. As always all points are imaginary and the pictures are just to get a rough idea of what we are predicting.

Phillip: White / Black / Black - Throwback helmet

It's homecoming, which makes me think they will bust out a new "throwback helmet" like they have the past couple years. I would love for the "bucking bronco" or the "old logo" helmet to return. I'm praying for some tribute to the 1945 team that was just awarded a national championship. Knowing that the school was aware of the award MONTHS before it was officially announced, means they had time to work something up. It's also the Halloween game, where they usually wear black. So I'm going with throwback white helmet, black jersey, black pants.

The image above was created by Chris Knox of Pistols Firing Blog. I think this is a clean look, but I think there is going to be some type of orange for the homecoming game. I do like where Phillip’s head is at with the throwbacks though. That would be amazing, especially paired with West Virginia’s traditional B/W/G look.

Joel: White / Orange / Orange - White Bucking Bronco helmet

I'm REALLY hoping for some 1945 throwbacks, but if not, there will be some kind of throwback in this game worn by OSU. I think the Cowboys will go with the white bucking bronco helmet worn a couple homecomings ago. That coupled with the all orange jersey and pants would look good. We've yet to see orange on orange but I think with the new uniforms it would be a clean look.

Side note: If Phillip's prediction is correct and it is some 1945 throwbacks I'll be happier than if my prediction is right

I love this helmet, I wish we wore it more. And Joel is correct, the last time we wore it was homecoming 2014... against West Virginia.

Tyler: Orange / Orange / Black - Orange Bucking Bronco helmet

I’m gonna go with O/O/B with an black bucking bronco on an orange helmet as a hat tip to the 1945 National Championship team.

OSU can’t do homecoming without wearing at least one type of orange. We haven’t seen this combo yet this year, and OSU doesn’t seem to be big on repeating looks, so look for a new combo.

I would love to see a 1945 throwback uniform – and I believe we will this year – I just don’t think it will be this week. The orange that is worn for homecoming takes precedence over the typical black uniform that is worn on Halloween.

Again a Chris Knox photo above. New helmet prediction here. I think that would be a cool look.

Cade and Dustin: White / Orange / Orange - 1980’s Brand helmet

Cade and I both picked this look on the podcast this week. Cade wants a 1945 National Championship throwback, as I think we all do here at CRFF, but this is the look he’s going with for his actual prediction. And, I agree with him. We went with a throwback helmet in last year’s home coming game (see below):

and I think we do it again. We also both agree that the new orange jerseys and pants are awesome and we’d like to see them together in a uni combo.

Robert: DNP (but still funny)

In honor of Halloween, OSU will debut new uniforms that look like a burning couch.

West Virginia players know better than to jump on a burning couch, so they will stand by as the Cowboys don't run a single play from scrimmage and return 20 West Virginia punts for TD's, as well as the 2nd half kickoff.