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How Many More Games Will Gundy Win At OSU?

How long can Gundy keep this victory train running

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

In this week’s Sunday poll, we want to look forward to the future. Gundy reached win 100 yesterday. He did it in 149 games, 11 12 seasons. Can he hit 200? Only 17 coaches have (Bill Snyder is at 198 after Kansas State’s win Saturday).

I don’t know if Gundy will stick around for another 11 12 years. That would be 23 seasons coaching Oklahoma State football. While that isn’t a lot (Joe Paterno was at Penn State for nearly half a century) it is somewhat uncommon. Gundy also isn’t getting any younger. That would make Gundy 60 years old when he hit season 23.

Maybe he won’t need another 11 12 seasons to hit 200. That record includes his first five seasons where he earned 36 victories. That’s an average of 7.2 wins a season. Since then he’s won the other 64 games over the last six 12 seasons. That’s an average of 9.8 wins a season. If he stuck at that rate it would take him just over 10 seasons to reach another 100 victories.

Still 10 seasons is a lot. Does Gundy want to be coaching for that long? Don’t you expect he would rather be riding his lawn mower around his Cabela’s like home?

Or would Gundy actually leave to coach somewhere else? I know it seems unlikely, but I have to think there was some truth to him almost leaving for Tennessee and Arkansas a couple years ago. If things with T. Boone don’t get any better, does Gundy want to stick around for continued public insults by the OSU benefactor?

So this morning I have to wonder; how many more wins will Gundy get in his career at Oklahoma State. I hope he sticks around for a long time, so we can keep getting more dance moves after big wins.

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