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Kickoff Time for Kansas State Announced

Thankfully, it’s the best case scenario for the Pokes.

Kansas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

For the past week, OSU has been in limbo about when they would kick off against the Kansas St. Wildcats when they travel to Manhattan this week. When the Big 12 announced kickoff times for week 10, OSU-KSU and KU-WVU were left to be “flexed” to whatever time the conference wanted them to play at.

Today, the Big 12 Conference announced they had made up their minds for kickoff times for Week 10.

That’s right. The Pokes do not have to go in and face the ghost of Bill Snyder and his team at night in the Little Apple. While it may seem contradictory to rejoice not having a night game, Kansas State is one place I would not want to go play at night if I was Mike Gundy and Co.