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Tweets of the Week: Homecoming Edition

America’s Greatest Homecoming deserves its own post, right?

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

I promise that eventually these posts will span an entire week. HoCo needs its own post, because otherwise there would be too many lost tweets mixed in with the rest of the week, right? Either way, these tweets will focus primarily on Friday and Saturday.

Let’s start late Thursday/Friday night.

I’m not entirely sure why, but this picture makes BPS look menacing. And I LOVE IT.

It’s unconfirmed, but sources say I looked something like this once I got out of classes Thursday. Because who goes to class Homecoming Friday? NOT THIS GUY!

Speaking of Homecoming Week classes......

Thursday night is the night that is (in)famously called All Night Pomp. One of the hardest nights of a Greek’s life is All Night Pomp. What makes a rough night a bit easier? Pizza delivered by the men’s basketball team!

Staying up all night pays off Friday night with Walkaround, which is where the Greeks show off all their hard work from the past few months.

There was also something else to go see during Walkaround, but it wasn’t at any Greek houses....

After Walkaround was one of my personal favorites of Homecoming because it officially ushers in basketball season - Homecoming and Hoops. This year’s edition was extra special, since it featured a special matchup.

I think it is safe to say Coach Underwood was a bit blown away by the crowd.

If you want to watch Homecoming and Hoops, you’re in luck! The good people of Oklahoma State put it on YouTube for us.

Of course, everyone remembers what happened last year at the parade. These memories paved the one for one of the greatest tributes I have seen.

Three riderless horses and a riderless pony. Wow. If you want to see more pictures from the parade, the Tulsa World has a nice gallery.

Let’s see...was there anything else left over after the parade? Hmmmm....oh yeah! The football game! In case you forgot what happened, here’s a great recap. Let’s look at what Twitter had to say about the (spoiler alert) Cowboy upset.

Former Cowboy WR and NFL star Dez Bryant had some supporting words for his alma mater.

That Sinor guy can punt.

The Cowboy Marching Band was feeling festive, both for Homecoming and for Halloween.

It isn’t just the football team that has had success recently.

Speaking of success, congrats to Coach Mike Gundy on his 100th win!

I could go into more about Gundy, but I think I’ll let Phillip Slavin do that for me. Thanks Phillip!

All-in-all, we had another GREAT edition of America’s Greatest Homecoming, and I already cannot wait for next year to see how Oklahoma State as a whole tries to make the week-long celebration bigger and better!