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The Oklahoma State MVP Draft: Week 5 Recap

The week where I wish I’d picked Justice Hill

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 5 of our college football weekly fantasy football draft is over and... . Here we go!

Phillip - 2 points
OSU: O - Rennie Childs | D - Jordan Burton | ST - Zach Sinor
UT: O - Tyrone Swoopes | D - Breckyn Hager | ST - Michael Dickson

Cade - 3 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Ramon Richards | ST - Ben Grogan
UT: O - D’onta Foreman | D - Malik Jefferson | ST - Trent Domingue

Dustin - 3 points
OSU: O – Mason Rudolph | D – Jordan Sterns | ST - Ben Grogan
UT: O – Shane Buechele | D – Malik Jefferson| ST – Trent Domingue

Christopher - 2 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Vincent Taylor | S - Ben Grogan
UT: O - Shane Buechele | D - Anthony Wheeler | S - Trent Domingue

Joel - 1 point
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Jordan Burton | S - Matt Amendola
UT: O - Chris Warren | D - Malik Jefferson | S - Trent Domingue

Oklahoma State

Offense: Childs only got two carries this week for 12 yards, so the point goes to Mason Rudolph. I mean, all he did was go 19/28 for 392 yards, three touchdowns and no turnovers.
Defense: Burton got injured and knocked out of the game. I want to give it to Taylor, but those XP blocks were special teams plays so they don’t count here. That makes the easy pick Sterns. Not that he was a slouch in any way; 12 total tackles including 9 solo and an INT he returned to the Texas 1 yard line.. His 9 solo tackles were more than any other player had total tackles.
Special Teams: He had an extra point blocked, but this week Grogan (finally) earns the point. He hit both field goals and five of his six extra points. That’s more than enough to earn the point over two punters.


Offense: This was a close one. Buechele played pretty well going 21/33 for 239 yards, one TD and a pick. Swoopes did what he did, getting two touchdowns and 24 yards on six carries. That “18-Wheeler” package was as monstrous as we thought. Warren ran well, getting 106 yards on 10 carries. Foreman though gets the point, with 148 yards and two touchdowns on 17 carries.
Defense: What’s better; two assisted tackles or a tackle for a loss? That’s the only difference between Hager and Williams. They both had five solo tackles. However, Wheeler had three assisted tackles while Hager had one assisted tackle and a tackle for a loss. I go with the TFL.
Special Teams: If you miss your only field goal attempt and have three extra point attempts blocked, you don’t get the point. Sorry Domingue. That leaves Michael Dickson who averaged 45.2 yards on 5 punts.

So after five weeks, here’s the standings:

Cade - 14 points
Phillip - 13 points
Christopher - 12 points
Dustin - 11 points
Joel - 10 points

Come back Thursday for Week 6 picks!