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“Fridays are for the men, Saturdays are for the (Pokes)”

Barstool Sports releases “Saturdays are for the boys” shirt for the Oklahoma State fans!

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Some of you may have seen the phrase, “Saturdays are for the boys” on the internet, or on various forms of social media in the past few months. The phrase was created by Barstool Sports writer, John Feitelberg. What does it mean? Feits doesn’t even know. But it has TAKEN OFF!

Matt Stafford, Golden Tate, and Sam Martin are so ferda #saturdaysarefortheboys @barstoolsportslifestyle

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The whole Toronto Maple Leafs squad knows #saturdaysarefortheboys (link to buy is in our bio)

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The G-Men are all in on Saturdays AND Sundays @justinpugh67 @shaner34 #saturdaysarefortheboys @barstoolsportslifestyle

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@gronk knows the deal #saturdaysarefortheboys @barstoolsportslifestyle

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Barstool Sports has been creating SAFTB t-shirts for different colleges, and the Oklahoma State shirts were released yesterday! You can purchase your “Saturdays are for the Pokes” t-shirt by visiting this link.

If you are unfamiliar with Barstool Sports, it is a humorous sports and men’s lifestyle media group, based out of the North East. They aren’t fans of the politically correct, so their content isn’t for everyone, but check them out if you don’t mind that sort of stuff!

Go Pokes and Viva La Stool!