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Jeff Newberry set to join new team in late October

An update with Jeff Newberry.


Former Oklahoma State guard Jeff Newberry will be joining his new team, the Detroit Pistons’ organization D-League affiliate, in late October. Training camp started in late September but Newberry was detained at home “dealing with family issues”.

I spoke with Newberry who told me he would also be switching numbers from No. 22, which he has worn his whole career, to No. 12.

Newberry chose the D-League route over offers to play overseas due to the confidence that he will get a chance to move up quickly. He hopes to use this opportunity to completely learn the point guard position and the team’s system. He played point guard prior to his time at Oklahoma State.

Per Newberry, many think his reputation for “scrappy play” fits the Detroit Pistons’ identity and could give him an opportunity to move up quickly.

At Oklahoma State, Newberry quickly earned that reputation as an effort and two-way player who played beyond his size.

Newberry from an interview with Cowboys Ride for Free:

I want to go out there and compete on both ends of the ball. Whatever you need me to do. If you need me to go guard 6-9, 6-10 than I’ll go make it happen.

The Pistons’ will be seeking depth at the point guard position as it was recently announced that point guard Reggie Jackson is expected to miss extended time due to a tendinitis in his knee.

As a senior, Newberry averaged 10.8 points, 4.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.5 steals for a Cowboy team whose season was riddled with injuries. Newberry was the only starter to not miss a game.