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CRFF Staff Predictions: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

Our staff predicts Saturday’s game.

Oklahoma State v Iowa State

Each week, the staff here at CRFF gives game predictions. This week’s predictions for today’s matchup against Iowa State are right here. Let’s get to it.

Cade Webb

OSU has to avoid the hangover from last Saturday’s win over Texas, and I think they do that. This is a game that OSU must win, and a game that they should win, if they want to compete for a Big 12 championship this season. Take care of business, don’t get anyone hurt (please), and get to the bye week at 4-2. Pokes win 45-20.

Phillip Slavin

I expect a close game in the first half, but OSU defensive adjustments and a couple of turnovers help the Cowboys run away in the 3rd quarter. Pokes win 41-24.

Josh Poteet

The Pokes are favored by 17 but I would take them by 25 against the Cyclones. Every bad team plays one good game - that was last week for Iowa State as they almost beat Baylor. But this is a terrible football team and they stand no chance against Oklahoma State. Pokes win 55-20.

Robert Whetsell

Iowa State had a chance to redeem themselves, and massively shit themselves. My hope this weekend?

OSU: 9999999999999999999999999999; Iowa State: -9999999999999999999999999

Anything less is not enough.

Austin Higgs

This game will be in the bag from the beginning. I expect a huge game from both Justice Hill and Rennie Childs. Pokes win 52-32.

Kyle Cox

I think the Cyclones keep it close early but the Cowboys win the turnover battle and the second half. They pull away early in the third quarter behind 300+ yards and three touchdowns from Rudolph and another 100-yard performance from Justice Hill. Pokes win 45-21.

Joel Penfield

OSU has played to the level of competition they have played in every game this year. Hopefully this trend can change against Iowa State. With their rush defense being poor, I imagine that OSU will try and establish Justice Hill early. If they can do that, Mason should have an fantastic game because there is less pressure on him to have to throw the ball every down. If the defense can hold Lanning in check both running and throwing, it should be a good overall game for the Pokes. Pokes win 45-21.

Dustin Ragusa

I think Justice Hill runs all over these guys and Mason doesn't have a bad day himself. The Cyclones won't be able to keep pace and the Cowboys come out with the victory. Pokes win 48-24.