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The Oklahoma State MVP Draft: Week 8 Recap

We have a new name atop the leader board

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Week eight is in the books after a fantastic Homecoming victory over West Virginia.

Let’s take a look at how everyone did:

Phillip: 2 points
OSU: O - Jalen McClesky | D - Jordan Burton | ST - Ben Grogan
WVU: O - Skyler Howard | D - Rasul Douglas | ST - Mike Molina

Cade: 5 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Ramon Richards | ST - Zach Sinor
WVU: O - Shelton Gibson | D - Rasul Douglas | ST - Mike Molina

Dustin: 3 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Jordan Sterns | ST - Ben Grogan
WVU: O - Skyler Howard | D - Rasul Douglas | ST - Mike Molina

Christopher: 2 points
OSU: O - Jalen McCleskey | D - Vincent Taylor | S - Ben Grogan
WVU: O - Skyler Howard | D - Justin Arndt | S - Mike Molina

Joel: 2 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Chad Whitener | S - Ben Grogan
WVU: O - Skyler Howard | D - Justin Arndt | S - Mike Molina

Oklahoma State

Offense: McCleskey had another solid outing with 66 yards and a touchdown on 11 catches. He was Rudolph’s go-to when the Cowboys needed to get a first down. It was Rudolph though, who played his best game of the season. 26/36 for 273 yards and four total touchdowns. There were no big passes down the field, but Rudolph had some gorgeous throws including this one...

Rudolph easily gets the point this week.
Defense: We had a first this week; everyone chose someone different at a position! This was tough. Whitener led the team with 13 total tackles and added a sack and TFL. Richards had a fantastic interception and 59 yard return.

The point though, has to go to the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week, Taylor. He had 6 total tackles, 3 FLS, 2.5 sacks and forced the fumble by Skyler Howard in the first half. He was a monster this week.
Special Teams: Grogan went 3 of 4 on field goal, but Sinor was fantastic AGAIN. I’m just going to leave this here.

Seriously? He absolutely flipped field position for OSU and is a big reason Cowboys opponents have the worst starting field position in FBS. Oh and Sinor was named Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week.

West Virginia

Offense: It’s not what Shelton Gibson did (2 for 33 yards and one TD) to win the point, it’s how bad Howard was. 24 of 39 for 212 yards and one touchdown. He was also responsible for all three of the team’s turnovers (2 INTs and a fumble), and he got sacked four times. That’s not going to win any games or any points.
Defense: Neither defender was lights out, and I know Douglas went to the sideline to recover from an injury or cramps in the second half. He had five solo tackles and a pass break-up compared to Arndt’s seven total tackles (four solo). I’m going to give it Douglas.
Special Teams: We all picked Molina so we all get the point. Similar to the offense, not because he was great. He went two of three on field goals and 313 yards on five kickoffs, only two of which were touchbacks.

So with that.. here’s the updated standings:

Cade - 25 points
Phillip - 22 points
Dustin - 20 points
Joel - 19 points
Christopher/Kyle - 17 points

Come back Thursday for our picks for week nine against Kansas State