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Uniform Predictions: Texas Tech

What will the Pokes break out for their last home game of 2016?

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last home game of the Cowboys’ season, and we here at CRFF are expecting to see some awesome uniforms for Senior Day.

Let’s get to this week’s “expert” uniform predictions by the CRFF staff. As always all points are imaginary and the pictures are just to get a rough idea of what we are predicting.

Joel: Black/Orange/Black - Black Marshal Badge

It's Tech this week so there has to be some black in the combo. But usually on senior day there's some orange in the uniform, like last year. I REALLY want to see the Marshall Badge helmet again, and I'm ready to retire the orange chrome for the year. The black helmet with the Marshal badge was my favorite so far this season, so I want to see it in the last home game.

Chris Knox/ PFB

The image above was created by Chris Knox of Pistols Firing Blog. I do like this combo, and, as the Cowboys have shown, they aren’t big on repeating combos in the same year. We haven’t seen this yet.

Christopher & Will: White/Black/White - Black OSU Brand


This combo is too legit not to wear this season, and since this could be the last time the Cowboys aren't required to wear white jerseys, now is the time. I assume the seniors are heavily involved in choosing the combo for senior night. Maybe they'll want to wear orange, but if it was me, I'm going out in this.


One of the last times I remember seeing this look was in our 49-17 beat down against Baylor in 2013 (those were the days). I think it's a really clean look and would be nice to get away from any version of Giant Chrome Pete for our final home game against Tech. I was leaning towards a B/O/B combo but that seems like a uniform we save for a matchup against you know who.

Chris Knox / PFB

Once again, we have to thank Chris Knox for mocking up this uniform. As Will stated, this is the 2016 update of the uniforms from the 2013 Baylor Beatdown. I like these uniforms (honestly I like any uniforms that don’t try to force gray and white together), and wouldn’t be upset to see these Saturday.

Dustin: White/Black/Black - Black OSU Brand

I think there will be a lot of black in the uniforms for this game. I also think we see my personal favorite helmet, white with the black brand and black stripe. I think this is an awesome look and I really hope the Cowboys break it out for this game against Tech.

Chris Knox / PFB

Hat tip to Chris Knox once again. This is very similar to the previous uniform, except it has black pants. Once again, not going to be upset by seeing the Cowboys run into BPS wearing these tomorrow.

Phillip/Tyler: Black/Black/Orange - Black Marshal Badge


It's the final home game of the season, which makes me think black. I'm going with Black Marshal Badge Helmet, Black, Orange. It's a color combination they've used before, and usually a good one. I'm surprised we've only seen the black marshal badge once this season. The home finally on Senior Day would be a good opportunity to pull it back out. Also, I'm tired of the Orange Chrome Giant Pete helmet. We've worn it three times in the last four weeks. Let's box it up for the season ok?


I think the last game of the season is the perfect opportunity to debut this combo. I really liked the combo when we played Iowa State - except for the Giant Orange Chrome Pete helmet. I think it gets fixed this week by putting my favorite helmet - the Black with the Marshal Badge - in the combo.

Richard Rowe/USA Today

If I see this combination this weekend, I will likely cry tears of joy because of how beautiful they are. (and also that I got a prediction right). To me, this is an underrated combo, and I absolutely want to see this on Saturday. It has lots of black, as well as orange and just looks SO DAMN GOOD.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what combo the Cowboys wear, they always look better than whatever combo the team who shall not be named wears - yes, even last year’s combo against West Virginia.

What do you think the combo for the final home game will be? Let us know in the comments.