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OSU Bowl Predictions: Week 12

The win over Tech didn’t change much.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys improved their record to 8-2 (9-1* if you ask Gundy) after a 45-44 win over Texas Tech on Saturday. With two games to go, OSU is still in the driver’s seat for their second Big 12 title in the last six season.

While we don’t know which bowl OSU will be going to, we do know they will be going to one for the 11th straight season. That’s a school record by-the-way.

Win out and OSU is heading back to the Sugar Bowl for a second straight season. Lose a game (or two) and who knows where the Cowboys will spend the post season. Let’s see what all the “experts” are predicting:

Russell Athletic Bowl vs Virginia Tech (Dec. 28th)
Alamo Bowl vs Washington State (Dec. 29th)

Bleacher Report: Russell Athletic Bowl vs Virginia Tech (Dec. 28th)

Sports Illustrated: Russell Athletic Bowl vs Virginia Tech (Dec. 28th)

SBNation: Alamo Bowl vs Washington (Dec. 29th)

Fox Sports: Russell Athletic Bowl vs Virginia Tech (Dec. 28th)

Athlon Sports: Alamo Bowl vs USC (Dec. 29th)

This week’s projections are pretty similar to last week. The only differences are one more Alamo prediction, and Washington and USC now appear as potential opponents.

The Alamo Bowl in San Antonio is awarded to the 2nd place team in the Big 12, while the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando is awarded to 3rd place. Even if OSU loses to TCU and OU, I don’t see them falling past one of these bowls.

Of course if the Cowboys win out, they’re (most likely) heading to the Sugar Bowl. In that case, who knows. I’ve seen mostly LSU and Florida in the projections.

I think one thing is for sure; beat TCU this Saturday and OSU will fall no further than a trip to the Russell Athletic Bowl.

Let me know which of these options you like the best, or what you’re hoping for in the comments section.