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Play of the Game: Texas Tech

This week’s play of the game was a momentum stopping forced fumble in the 4th quarter.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Texas Tech had just kicked a field goal to put themselves back within a touchdown of the Cowboys with about 9 and a half minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Tech then lined up to kick it away to the Cowboys. On the kickoff, the Red Raider kicker dribbled one about 10 yards up the middle, it was deflected and then he recovered the ball himself... an onside kick to give Tech the ball back down 7 points.

The Red Raiders had now swung all of the momentum their way and were looking to drive the short field to score and tie the game. The Cowboys needed a big play, and they got just that. Texas Tech running back Quinton White Jr. ran up the middle and was met by OSU linebacker Justin Phillips who jarred the ball loose and Vincent Taylor, who always finds himself in the middle of the action, was there to recover the football.

The Cowboys got the ball back and were able to run a few more minutes off the clock before Tech regained possession. This play didn’t win the game, and Tech actually ended up scoring later in the quarter, but it stopped the Red Raiders from continuing their roll with all the game’s momentum shifted in their direction.

Honorable mention this week goes to Cowboy running back Chris Carson. He gets the final first down to run out the clock and makes sure he absolutely destroys a defender before taking a knee. Nothing game changing about this play, just fun to watch.