It's time to smile

Oh, to be a fan of Oklahoma State football. It used to be an almost embarrassing thing to admit, especially as a young schoolboy with friends as mostly OU fans, clinging to any notion that we might be good this year. Or, "maybe next year." I'm sure we've all heard these things before:

"Little brother."



Try second-winningest Big 12 program since 2006. That is officially a decade of near dominance.

Yes, that is a true statement.

OSU has never been a school with deep football tradition. That has changed since Mike Gundy took over in 2005, amounting to winning the second most conference games to OU since 2006, as pointed out by Kyle Porter at Pistols Firing blog.

This continues to blow my mind. OSU truly has risen to elite status within the Big 12, and this is an often over-looked fact. Not long ago were the days of losing seasons and doormat status.

No longer.

This is all to say that we, as Cowboys fans, need to take a break from the fretting and smile. So the running game has been lackluster the past couple of years. So we collapsed down the stretch last season after starting 10-0. We suffered through Daxx Garman. There has been conflict between Gundy and Boone Pickens. So?

We're winning. Consistently. Which is really all you want as a fan of a college football team. OSU is beating the teams they're supposed to, for the most part (I hate CMU), collecting six top-10 scalps and challenging for conference championships. They're 11-1 in their last 12 games decided by one score. Mike Gundy is now over 100 career wins at OSU.

We are living in the golden age for OSU football, and I'm loving it. We are currently over-rated in the CFP Rankings at #11. Over-rated. We are two games away from regaining the title of Big 12 Champions and a return (!) trip to the Sugar Bowl and, for the second straight year, there are people arguing a path for the Cowboys to make the College Football Playoff.

Tell me this 10 years ago and there's no way I believe you.

Today, tell me we have a losing season next year and there's no way I believe you.

That is how it feels to be a fan of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and it feels good.

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