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Your Favorite Big 12 Team as a Thanksgiving Dish

Which Thanksgiving staple did each team end up as?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from us here at CRFF!

In many households, football is a tradition on Thanksgiving as much as the giant meal. Like football, everyone has their favorite dish, be it the turkey, mashed potatoes, or pumpkin pie. And like football, most can’t agree on which dish is the best.

We here at CRFF took it a step further and spent part of our bye week debating which Thanksgiving staple each Big 12 team represented. This is what we came up with. Enjoy!

Turkey - Oklahoma

It’s the classic dish and a Thanksgiving staple. No Thanksgiving table is complete without the cooked bird. However, when there are so many other sides to choose from, sometimes turkey can be a bit overrated even thought the cook is pretty proud of it. Plus, fans of it are always surprised when it’s not as great as they expect. Don’t ask me how.

Pig - Texas Tech

Ham has become a nice addition to the Thanksgiving table and a formidable alternative for the turkey. With many different varieties, there’s potential for a delicious ham of your choosing. But before it becomes a succulent turkey alternative, it’s just a pig. It has the potential to be great, to become a delicious honey ham, but it’s not quite there yet.

Green Bean Casserole - Oklahoma State

It’s always there, even if you don’t see it. It’s a traditionally underrated side dish, yet always sought after. Honestly, it’s one of the best dishes on the table. Not the most popular, not the most talked about, but consistently good.

Stuffing - Kansas State

Stuffing is another classic dish, but it’s made out of a bunch of two-star ingredients like bread, celery, and broth. Year in and year out, whether or not you want to admit it, it’s one of your favorite and most consistent dishes on your plate.

It’s all about the chef, though. Without an experienced, talented chef, it’s just a bunch of bread and mush.

Cranberry Sauce - Kansas

Who still eats this? Does anyone really like it? Have you ever seen it? It doesn't look good, whether it's homemade or out of the can. No amount of spicing up will make this a dish anyone wants to eat, especially when in salad form.

Mashed Potatoes - Iowa State

Yes, it’s a staple.

However, we’re not talking about mashed potatoes AND GRAVY. This is just the potatoes. Dry potato. Without the gravy, they're plain, boring, and usually get mashed or creamed. You’ll eat them, but without the gravy, they're just a disappointment.

Sweet Potatoes - TCU

They don’t have the history of other dishes, but have become a popular addition in recent years. Whether you like them sweet or savory (seriously?) we can all agree on one thing; they’re better than the canned yams they replaced (Hi, Missouri and Colorado).

Pecan Pie - Texas

This dessert is always present at your thanksgiving celebration. It has its moments, but is never as good as pumpkin pie, even though people that love it think it's the best thing ever.

Alcohol - West Virginia

No thanksgiving is complete with a little alcohol. Wine, beer, and hard liquor usually start getting opened early, but the real fun begins after dinner. Just make sure the kids are out of the room once the bottles start getting low!

Consider wrapping your couches beforehand.

Jello Salad - Baylor

Seriously, who brings this? You’ve seen it; it’s weird and comes in many different colors. If a food tastes the same but is a different color, I’m not interested. You wonder what the hell the people that made it were thinking, and can’t help but be bothered by some of the weird stuff going on inside of it. If you eat it, you do so out of pity.

Like the debate over Thanksgiving dishes, I assume there will be plenty of debate about our comparisons. We welcome it. We expect it. We thrive on it.

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Happy Thanksgiving!