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Dede Westbrook Throws Shade at Ramon Richards on Twitter

Bulletin board material right here

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Bedlam Week, which means the hate is strong between OSU and OU players. Sooner and Cowboy fans are all over social media throwing out insults.

At least one Sooner player couldn’t help get into the #RivalryWeek spirit.

OU receiver and Heisman candidate (eye-roll) decided to throw some shade at OSU cornerback Ramon Richards on Twitter. Granted, it was in response to an OSU fan poking at Westbrook, but still. This is the kind of stuff that makes college coaches HATE social media, and that gets opposing teams riled up ahead of a game.

While OSU fans have often lamented Richard’s knack for giving up big plays (especially earlier in the season), this is the kind of stuff that will get a player, and an entire defense jacked. Not that they need any more incentive to bring their A-Games to this already heated rivalry.

It will be interesting to see how Richards responds on the field in Norman on Saturday against one of the best receivers in college football this year.

Consider it another item on OSU’s bulletin board this week.