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Mike Gundy Interviewed on “What Drives Winning” Series

Gundy talks “the rant”, recruiting, and the efficiency of the program

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is the winningest football coach in Oklahoma State history. He took over a program with a below .500 record, and brought about the most successful stretch in the program’s existence. That accomplishment has not gone unnoticed.

Gundy has become the latest interviewee in the “What Drives Winning” Conference Series. It’s a series of one-on-one interviews and conversations with the author of the book “What Drives Winning,” Brett Ledbetter (the conference was started by Ledbetter and Florida Soccer Coach Becky Burleigh). The series is good, and touts an impressive line-up of guests, including some very successful college and professional coaches.

The latest video to be uploaded to the site is Part One of Brett Ledbetter’s interview with Mike Gundy. In it, the two discuss “The Rant”, the efficiency of the OSU football program’s organizational structure, and how Gundy handles his role as CEO of the team. It’s a really good interview and Gundy is at his most charming. If you’ve got 11 minutes I would advise watching it.

Gundy isn’t the only local coach to appear in the series. On the What Drives Winning website you’ll also find interviews with Oklahoma State Wrestling Head Coach John Smith, Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Billy Donovan, and OU Women’s Basketball Head Coach Sherri Coale.


Part two of the Mike Gundy interview went up on the site today! Here it is for you: