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RECAP: Cowboys Hold Off Veteran Hillcats

An uninspired Cowboys team moves to 6-1 after a 101-85 win over the Rogers State Hillcats

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Oklahoma State Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

After an impressive showing in Maui, the Cowboys come back home, and defeat the Mighty Mighty Rogers State Hillcats, 101-85.

These Hillcats were experienced and fired up to battle an in-state powerhouse. The Cowboys looked like they were hungover from all the mai-tais and pina coladas they were chugging after the Georgetown win in Hawaii.

Now, I know what you’re saying. “We went out and beat Georgetown, and then we come home and struggle against a division 2 team? What gives, man?” Well, you’re right. We should’ve won more convincingly than we did. The Hillcats fought us all game long, and they did so because they just simply made shots. It’s a make-or-miss league, and Rogers State shot the hell out of the ball (56.9%). Also, these Hillcats had experience on their side.

On the other side, look how much time we gave to the kiddos:

The Cowboys were hustling, but weren’t quite dialed in for the first 36 minutes of tonight’s game. The Hillcats matched the Cowboys tic for tac until just about five and a half minutes left in the 2nd half, when Leyton Hammonds collected a rebound off a Mitchell Soloman missed free throw, and put the ball back up for an and-1. After that play, a fire was lit underneath the Cowboys and the vocal chords of Coach Brad Underwood. “GET A STOP! GET A STOP! GET A STOP!!!” The Cowboys got a few stops, and proved they were a much better team from that point, on.


The turquoise unis were brought out tonight in honor of Oklahoma’s rich Native American culture. We have seen teasers of these jerseys for a little while now, but seeing them on the court... FIRE.

I can hear it now, “Pao with the SLAM!!!”



Oklahoma State Final Stats

OSU Final Stats

Rogers State Final Stats

Rogers State Final Stats

Next up

Oklahoma State @ Maryland - Dec. 3rd, 2016. 8PM CST.

Go Pokes!