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Roundtable: Heading to The Little Apple

1984 Holiday Bowl windbreaker not included

Kansas State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Welcome to a Friday edition of the CRFF roundtable discussion! This week we’ve got our final thoughts on #Gundy100, a fear-gage of the Wildcat QB, and a look to the future. As always, leave us your response in the comments section below.

1) Gundy won his 100th game Saturday. What are your thoughts on his career thus far and moving forward?

Gallagher Martin: He's the GOAT. I hope he stays here his entire game and wins us another 100 games.

Tyler Weiderhoeft: Gundy is the football equivalent of Henry Iba or Ed Gallagher – the best in Oklahoma State University history. Despite the rumors we hear every year about Gundy leaving for other schools, I think he stays here for his entire career, because we love Gundy and Gundy loves us.

Austin Higgs: I'm pumped for Coach Gundy. Here's to many more wins!!! **raises glass**

Emily Lingenfelter: Gundy is great, and he's for sure the best guy who isn't leaving when another program calls with more $$$. OSU would be nuts to think they're going to to better.

Dustin Ragusa: I think Gundy has had a great career at Oklahoma State. It took him a few year's to get his feet under him, but that's to be expected. I hope he's the head coach at Oklahoma State long into the future. Maybe long enough so that one day we can hear him get fired up at a Monday press conference and yell "I'm a man, I'm 70".

Christopher Snodgress: I am a huge supporter of Mike Gundy. I think he was and is the perfect guy to lead the OSU football program. He's not a perfect coach, no one is, but he's perfect for Oklahoma State. I hope he continues coaching here for years to come. I hope he retires here. When he walks away, it'll be a sad day, but my guess is he does it in a way that makes me crack a smile and shake my head.

Joel Penfield: We're currently in one of the best, if not the best, eras of OSU football in program history. Mike Gundy has had a big part in that, and there's no one better to lead this team. I hope he stays until he decides to retire. Here's to another 100 victories!

Will Hendrickson: Quite a career he has put together so far. While we have our lapses and down seasons occasionally, Gundy has completely changed the culture of OSU football. Consistently fielding explosive offenses and opportunistic defenses, Gundy (and Boone) has turned this program into a Big 12 contender year in and year out. We expect to finish near the top of the conference and compete for a big 12 championship almost every year. We are not a powerhouse by any means, but we have become a legit top 25 program under his helm.

2) Was last week's improved secondary play a sign of change or a one-off performance?

Gallagher: I have a bad feeling that all last week was was a fluke. Last season we had the TCU game, 2014 we had Bedlam, 2013 we had Baylor. Every year we have that one game where we play to our potential, I just hope we can continue that into next week.

Tyler: I hope for the former, but I think it is more the latter. History shows us that our ‘Boys have one outstanding game a season (TCU 2015, Bedlam 2014, Baylor 2013), and I believe Homecoming was the one game. I hope they take what they did against WVU and apply it throughout the season, but I’m not sold on it yet. If they ball out against Kansas St, I’ll be sold.

Austin: The secondary has always been opportunistic. That hasn't changed, and won't change. Blowing coverage is another story. Despite our improvement last week, the performance of our defense in passing situations (3rd and long specifically) has not been great.

Emily: Improvement seemed sudden. They took advantage of some opportunities, but also missed some. Not sure it's something that will be sustained.

Dustin: It was a good sign, but I lean more toward's the side of a one-off performance. I need to see more to say they are "improved".

Christopher: Neither interception was an exceptional play by the defender (though Ramon's return was absolutely exceptional). It was a strange performance. Oklahoma State didn't give up the big pass plays we've seen, well, all season. Even without the turnovers, they played well enough to put the Pokes in position to beat WVU. I don't trust it, but I'll take it when we can get it. It did absolutely nothing to make me less nervous about Mahomes and Mayfield.

Joel: It was a very drastic change in play, so it's hard to tell if it was a fluke. I feel like we won't know a lot about the improvement of the secondary this week because K State normally doesn't take shots down field. We'll know more against Texas Tech.

Will: I think it's a combination of the two if that's possible. This D has shown that it has a knack for creating turnovers, that much we know. We did a great job of limiting big plays to West Virginia last week and I think its progress. With that being said, they are definitely not immune to explosive plays and will give up some bombs and long runs in the next 4 games. (Pat Mahomes and Baker Mayfield are looming)

3) OSU has had some problems with duel-threat quarterbacks this season. How much is trouble is Jesse Ertz going to give them this weekend?

Gallagher: Considering we had trouble against that 5th string walk on wide receiver who played quarterback for Kansas State last season, yeah we should be concerned about Jesse Ertz. Since 1988, Oklahoma State has won twice in Manhattan; this is going to be a very tough game.

Tyler: I think it’ll be alright. It won’t be pretty, but I’m guessing Glenn Spencer will patch the holes that arise in the defense, and in the end, they hold Ertz to an average day.

Austin: All Kansas State QB's will scare me until Bill Snyder walks away from the game. I like Ertz, and I think he will solid numbers. Nothing flashy, but he will cause problems. 225 yards, 2 passing TD's, 1 rushing TD, 1 INT.

Emily: Gundy mentioned the defense being very efficient at stopping long yardage plays, but Ertz has been emphasizing short gain throws the past few games, improving his completion percentage. I definitely think that will make for a difficult matchup. (KSU's red zone defense could be the biggest problem though).

Dustin: I think Ertz causes the Cowboy defense some problems, but more with his legs than through the air. I haven't been too impressed with his passing ability this season. But, who knows, we let Montell Cozart throw all over us a couple of weeks ago.

Christopher: Ertz will definitely be a challenge. One of the most frustrating things in all of sports is watching a K-State QB take the snap and stand still for what feels like 47 seconds waiting on his blocking to set up just right before gutting your defense for a 20-yard run.

Joel: Seeing as though a walk on, WR/5th String QB came in and wreaked havoc last year in Stillwater...I am slightly worried. Hopefully OSU has prepared heavily for the dual-threat ability of Ertz. Ertz will have a good game, but OSU is not going to let him beat us.

Will: I'm not so much worried about Ertz beating us with big plays, but I think he will make it difficult for our defense to get off the field early in drives. I think he will frustrate us at times by scrambling for 11 yards on a third and 8, but not necessarily burn us deep. I expect a couple textbook k state drives that last 7-8 minutes with Ertz keeping them alive with his feet.

4) Three of OSU's final four games are on the road, starting this week in Manhattan. Which game are you most concerned about (excluding OU)?

Gallagher: This week. If we can win in Manhattan, we can win anywhere. Tech and TCU don't scare me and we can worry about Bedlam when that comes around. All of our focus should be on this Saturday.

Tyler: I’m worried about this game the most. I believe last week was the spark, and a victory in hostile Manhattan will get the Cowboys on a roll and get them the momentum they need to get through this last month of the season.

Austin: K-State. This week is going to be a FIGHT. I've been down on TCU since day 1.

Emily: "The Bill's" atmosphere can really have an impact opposing teams, more so since they closed the north end of the bowl. It's a great atmosphere. Aside from Bedlam, this game looks to pose the biggest challenge for OSU.

Dustin: I'm the most concerned about this K State game. It's tough to play in Manhattan and I think coming off a big win, the Cowboys could come out flat.

Christopher: K-State. Playing the Snydercats on the road is never fun. The Cowboys have one win in the Little Apple in recent memory. I'm glad it's not a night game, but I will be terrified of going to Manhattan, Kansas, until the day Bill Snyder retires.

Joel: Besides Bedlam, this weekend worries me more than Texas Tech and TCU. OSU hasn't won in the Little Apple since 1988, and the Wildcats are very tough to beat at home. I think K State is the best team we'll face until Bedlam.

Will: Excluding OU, this game for sure. TCU has lost 3 of their last 4 and their only win was a 1-point victory against KU. Not worried about Tech and their Swiss Cheese defense in BPS either. K-State always plays tough in Manhattan and the home team has dominated this series.

5) Prediction time... Score?

Gallagher: I'm being optimistic but... 35-31 Oklahoma State

Tyler: Well, I was wrong about Grogan last week, but I’m not even upset about it. This week, however will likely be a tougher test for the Cowboys. I’ll roll with the Grogan game winner again for a 37-34 Cowboy victory against the Kansas State Bill Snyders.

Austin: You'll have to wait for my game preview :)

Emily: Slight advantage to the home team. 31-27 K-State.

Dustin: I think the Cowboys pull it out, but it's a close, sloppy game. 31-28.

Christopher: This feels like a classic letdown game after the best performance of the season so far. 34-31 K-State.

Joel: This is going to be a fantastic game, and I think OSU pulls out another close one against the Wildcats 33-28.

Will: Pokes 34 Wildcats 28