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Gundy, Cowboys Take Part In #MannequinChallenge

Gundy and Co. continue to kill it on social media!

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

It’s the latest social media video craze; the Mannequin Challenge. If you’ve seen it before, you understand. It not... it’s simple. A group of people hold a dramatic pose (doing any number of things) while hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd's new song "Black Beatles" plays in the background.

The #MannequinChallenge first popped up last month. It's believed to have been created by high school students at the Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

The OSU football team just dropped their own mannequin challenge video on twitter with one of the BEST examples of the challenge I’ve seen yet. Take a look.

The moment :38 seconds in was awesome, but nothing topped seeing Gundy mid “The Gundy” at the end. Just another prime example of Mike Gundy and OSU’s social media chops!