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What Do Oklahoma State Coaches Want for Christmas?

Santa took a break from throwing down sick dunks to hear some Christmas wishes from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Hopefully, jolly ol’ Saint Nick stopped at your houses last night, and if not, better luck next year!

While many of us are “too old” to tell Santa what we want for Christmas, not everyone has lost touch with their inner childhood. We here at CRFF thought it would be fun to brainstorm ideas for what some Oklahoma State coaches asked Santa to put under their trees this year.

Mike Gundy - Football

  • Retain his entire staff - Gundy doesn’t like having to replace assistant coaches. It disrupts continuity and means Gundy is spending time looking for a coach when he could be game planning, coaching, and recruting.
  • Win Bedlam - He’s 2-10 against the Sooners and Stoops, which is the only real black mark on his OSU tenure. A couple of wins in the in-state rivalry would shut up a lot of critics, and based on recent history, bring home a few more Big 12 titles.
  • Get Boone Pickens to quit trash-talking him - That last wish would go a LONG way to helping this one come to reality.
  • A 50-gallon oil drum of conditioner for the Arkansas Waterfall - It takes a lot of work and grease to keep that beautiful mullet flowing.

Brad Underwood - Men’s Basketball

  • #BringTheRowdy back to GIA - Gallagher Iba Arena used to be known as one of the rowdiest college basketball venues in the country. That’s dipped in recent yeas, reaching a low point last season. When it’s rocking, it’s a nightmare for opposing teams. Hopefully, Underwood is just the coach to help return GIA to it’s place of glory. December 30th vs West Virginia is a great place to start.
  • Get OSU back to national prominence - What many new OSU fans don’t realize is that basketball used to be king at Oklahoma State. The drop in quality and the rise of football changed that. For the first time since probably 2005, the Cowboys have a man in charge who is getting fans excited again. He’s also showing he’s a talented recruiter and player developer. We have five freshmen making significant contributions to the team. When’s the last time that happened?
  • Make Kansas State regret not hiring him - I’m kidding. I think Underwood is very happy coaching at Oklahoma State. It will be fun watching him beat Kansas State and seeing their fans lose their minds.

Josh Holiday - Baseball

  • New baseball stadium - What was once a beautiful stadium, is now the oldest in the Big 12. It’s due for an upgrade. A new stadium is in the works and Holder is working his fundraising magic to generate the money to build it. I can only imaging how much a shiny new stadium would help the program.
  • Avenge their World Series loss from last year - OSU finished just 3 wins shy of a championship. It was disappointing, but a sign Holiday has the program going in the right direction. A title would be UUGE!

John Smith - Wrestling

  • Just wants people to stop saying wrestling isn’t a real sport - It’s been around since ancient Greece! They hand out Olympic Medals for it every four years! What more evidence do you need to accept that Wrestling is a sport? How many titles does John Smith have to bring to Stillwater before you acknowledge it!

Jim Littell - Women’s Basketball

  • Wants more people to show up - Seriously. Show up. They went to the NCAA Tournament last year, and are off to a 10-1 start this year. They’ve been more consistent over the last 4 years than then men have. Show up and support them. They deserve it. Also, they might have the best player in the Big 12 this year in Junior Center Kaylee Jensen who is averaging a double-double with 19.1 points and 10.2 rebounds.
  • Wishes for a Sweet-16 run - Not only would it be big for the program, it might be just the thing to help out the first wish.

Chris Young - Women’s Tennis

  • Wants another shot at the National Title - The Cowgirls finished just a couple points show of winning OSU the first national title in any women’s sport earlier this year. It was an impressive and unexpected run, and hopefully not the team’s last. National Runners-Up is something to be incredibly proud of. I think Coach Young and the whole team would love another crack at the title in 2017.

Larry Sanchez - Equestrian

  • Wants equestrian to be an NCAA sport - OSU’s equestrian team has won the national title five times since the program began in 2000. Unfortunately, they don’t count toward OSU’s 55 National Championships because collegiate equestrian is not an NCAA sponsored sport. There aren’t enough teams that compete. If equestrian were to become NCAA sanctioned, it would be a big boost for the program and OSU’s already impressive title count.

Alan Bratton - Men’s Golf

  • Wants the NCAA tournament to drop the match-play round - Twice since the NCAA tournament added match play in 2009, the Cowboys have finished second after leading at the end of stroke play (2009, 2010). OSU did finish runner up in 2014 despite sitting in fourth after stroke play. Still, match-play hasn’t been good to the Cowboys since it was introduced in 2009.
  • Wishes Ricky Fowler could come back again - Heck, he’d also take Dick Fowler, PI.