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Oklahoma State Football: The Best Tweets from the Alamo Bowl

These tweets separated themselves from the rest ... Kinda like James Washington in the open field.

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Colorado Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was a whole mess of fun.

I figured we would continue the fun by documenting some of my favorite tweets from this evening. There were a ton, as the OSU Twitter community (and my mentions) were on fire all night.

Let’s get to it.

Buffalo tears. The sweetest of tears from any ground-based American mammal. Kinda gamey, though.


If you’re gonna call yourself the money gang, make sure you make it clear that it is your money.

I am dead.

I’m always down for some 21st-century Twitter humor:

This exchange between CRFF and Ralphie Report was golden:

10 minutes later ...

Oklahoma really would be better with more bison ...

It’s always good to find common ground.

Mack Brown was in peak form tonight. You should know about it.

Just shut it down! Let’s go home!

What were your favorite tweets from tonight’s game? Send them to us in the comments below!