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Oklahoma State Football: Rumors attach Mike Gundy to Baylor head coaching vacancy

Rumors are flying on Twitter about the Oklahoma State head coach.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday afternoon, former ESPN Dallas reporter and Baylor alum Matt Mosley tweeted out a rumor having to do with the current head coach of the Cowboys, Mike Gundy.

This was initially brushed off with a collective laugh, until Robert Allen jumped in the mix. He did little to calm Oklahoma State fans with this tweet later that night.

My exact quote in response to this was perfectly captured in a response to Mosley’s tweet.

Former Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken had something to say regarding this rumor.

Is there anybody Baylor isn’t considering for the head coaching job? At this point, it seems like we’ve heard just about every name from every mid-major school and beyond. In our opinion, nothing about this rumor makes sense. The general sense is that this is a scheme from Gundy to establish leverage with his employer. That might not be such a great idea, given the climate of the fanbase after a lack-luster coaching performance in Bedlam, and his already tumultuous relationship with namesake of the stadium he plays in.

That said, we don’t anticipate Gundy leaving. At least, not leaving for Baylor.

In case you need any reassuring...