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#GundyWatch Part 2

#Gundy2Baylor is dead.

TCU v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

This morning we published a story about the possibility of Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy leaving his alma mater and becoming the new head coach at Baylor.

A few minutes ago, any such rumors were put to bed.

It started out with OSU graduate Brett McMurphy shooting down the Gundy to Baylor rumor.

Carson Cunningham made us hesitate a little bit.

But in the end, Baylor hired former Temple head coach Matt Rhule to be the next coach of the football program.

Oklahoma State may not be out of the woods yet though. Pat Jones, former head coach of the Cowboys, says there is another destination Gundy may have in mind this offseason.

Oregon makes more sense to me for Gundy to go to over Baylor. Plus, if Gundy likes the uniform combos he has at his disposal now, just imagine what it’ll be like in Eugene.

We will keep an eye on the story and update you as information becomes available.