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#GundyWatch Part 3

The Mullet is out of the running at Oregon

Oklahoma State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Despite all the rumors and hints, it looks like Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy is NOT in play at either of the two open jobs people have been connecting him with; Baylor and Oregon.

Yesterday, Baylor announced it had hired Temple head coach Matt Rhule to fill its coaching vacancy. He’s expected to be formally introduced at a press conference today.

This morning, it was announced that Oregon had found its new head coach.

There were rumors Gundy was heading to Oregon last night to secretly meet with the school, when he was actually meeting a recruit in Arizona.

I don’t think any of us really believed he would leave for either of these schools, especially Baylor. Despite reports of the offer the Bears made Gundy.

Which leads me back to my main question, and the one I think most Cowboy fans are asking: What is going on?

The only reason any of these rumors or reports get out is because someone wants them to, and the most likely person is Gundy.

Does this all have to do with the two-year extension Gundy still hasn’t signed? It’s sitting on his desk.

Is this a response to T. Boone Pickens’ remarks about Gundy before the season? I realize that despite their “truce” things probably still aren’t great and never will be (especially since Gundy can’t seem to find a way to stop losing to OU).

Is Gundy tired of OSU? He’s been in Stillwater for 12 years as head coach, and a lot more if you add playing and assistant coaching days.

This isn’t the first time Gundy and his agent have made power moves. Gundy was “reportedly” a candidate at Texas A&M after the 2011 season, and at Arkansas, Tennessee after the 2012 season.

So far, Gundy hasn’t been linked to any other job openings. Are there even anymore Power 5 jobs open right now? (Is Rutgers? Isn’t it always looking for a head coach?)

This might be the end of this whole thing. We might never know what’s really going on. We’ll keep following it though.