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Is Gundy Losing The Mullet?

Say it ain’t so Gundy! Say it ain’t so!

Tom Pennington/Getty Images


All is good in Gundy-land. It appears last night’s haircut was simply a trim to look good for the Alamo Bowl press conference today. *sigh of relief*

Can we finally put #GundyWatch to bed? It would appear that’s what Gundy wants.

*End of Update*

Man, can this week get any worse?! Lose Bedlam, deal with “Gundy leaving” rumors...what else? What else can go wrong this week?

Well, it appears Gundy is going after his most defining feature. That’s right; the mullet is in danger.

Late Tuesday night, this tweet surfaced on the interwebs.

It’s not just us in Stillwater who are devastated by the possibility of the Gullet (Gundy Mullet) no longer being in existence. Others took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with Gundy’s decision.

Our SBNation sister site for West Virginia, Smoking Musket, seemed to be especially hurt by this news.

Twitter user @BellyoftheBeast has a theory as to why Gundy is suddenly cutting everything that he has worked so hard to achieve.

Let’s check in with the man himself (sort of).

So what’s going on? Did the Bedlam defeat drive Gundy to get rid of his luscious locks? Was it just a trim up to help Gundy keep control over his hair? Only time will tell, and when it does, we here at CRFF will relay that information to you.