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Mailbag with Okstate gents - so it's pretty much the funniest thing you'll read for the next 15 minutes.

We asked and you sent them in

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With National Signing Day past us and the men's basketball team being the living embodiment of a dumpster fire, there's not too much to talk about. Oh wait, there is. Here are some questions from readers and Twitter followers with answers from Okstate Gents and I.

My replies are in normal font, his will be in bold and italic.

Gary Busey

Of course? I mean, every school should. Regardless if he went there for less than a year and dropped out afterward.

I hold this event monthly already. Student union theater at 2:37 a.m. (Gary is very specific about this time. Don't be late)

Battle of the Alums

I've got Holiday. That guy is a great coach and I think in terms of "what have you done?" he's technically done more than Gundy for the sport. Sure Gundy is the programs best ever, but it could be argued he's had a lot of help. Plus, I think managers have a lot more to do and it'd be easier for him to adjust to football coach. But at the same time, who knows?

Gundy? Heard the guy can still crush a 400 foot bomb and a bat over his knee. #Pimpedit


Unfortunately, no.

Never heard of her.

New vs. Old.

Evans. No question, in my opinion. I'd rather shoot high percentage shots than throw up threes all day.

see attached tweet.


Calvin Bundage. That guy is going to hit the heck out of someone so bad one day it's going to be a gif used for failing college exams for years.

Keondre Wudtee. Oh it doesn't make sense because he is a quarterback? Here's the scenario. He finally throws his first pick of the season, gets so pissed he lights the defender up and forces a fumble, then takes it all the way.

Who like's short shorts?

Solomon. Those shorts never looked shorter than when he wears them.\

Can I say I'd rather Ford wear them and that's when Holder is finally like, "Alright, that's enough of this."


As you may have heard, he wasn't too happy with the fans who talked bad to him after he decommitted. Not a surprise. But he also made the coaches promise they wouldn't recruit another quarterback if he was to come. Obviously some things happened and then he didn't exactly play well in his senior year and the thought sort of was, "Well, if he doesn't come, it won't be that big of a deal..."

He probably got tweeted at by some 53-year-old alum that was a scumbag. It's not the alum's fault, he gets paid to tweet at 17-year-old kids. Oh wait he doesn't? What a coincidence?

Gayle Shriver Now that we are officially at the (rock)bottom of the Big 12, do you think Holder will finally cut his losses with Ford at the end of this season?

I think so, but I've thought this was the last year eight months ago.

Hahaha what losses? The guy is still making more than you or me ever will. Also, a lot of the revenue is coming from the students all sports pass. It's a money game. He would've been gone two years ago for sure if that wasn't the case.