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CRFF Roundtable: 'Crooting 'N' Complaining

The staff gives some Signing Day grades and gets a little gloomy about men's b-ball.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
1)      How do you grade OSU's recruiting class? Letter grades for offense and defense?
2)      Will the men's basketball team win another road game this season?
3)      Who do the Cowboys miss more, Forte or Evans?

As always, thanks for reading and give us your answers/comments below.


1) I give it a solid B+, B+ for offense (mostly because of OL) and B for defense.

2) If they don't win against TCU, no. Sigh.

3) Jawun Evans, by far. Evans can create for others and a talented point guard can be a bigger impact than a sharpshooter.


1) B. It was below average all the way up to signing day. The guys that COULD potentially sneak up and surprise a few (Stoner, Burns, the Smith brothers) may not get a chance to play for a few years. The addition of Moore/Bundage/Wudtee at the end helped a lot but at the same time - those are the only big ones they got.

2) They play TCU tonight (when I'm writing this) so yea probably.

3) Evans. Forte isn't that much of a difference maker. Add a couple extra threes a game and that's about all you got. The drop off from Evans to Griffin is a lot bigger IMO.


1) Wait two years and look backwards. A+ right now for both because we're excited about it.

2) I'll come back when you have a serious question.

3) Who do they miss? They miss all the good coaches they passed on when they hired Ford (I see you, Brad Stevens).


1) In the "way-too-early" grade I give the offense a B because of the o-line and they got another QB with some potential. Also, Nyc Burns could be one of those sneaky guys that ends up being really good. Point is you always need plenty of QB's and they (hopefully) addressed some deficiencies up front. Defense, I give a C. It's really hard to tell how good these young defensive backs will be. Could be a real issue next season if they have ANY injuries. Losing the DE (Marshall) to Arkansas was a big blow but Bundage could be really good at the "star" linebacker.

2) Nope.

3) I'd say Jawun Evans because the offense really needs a play maker like him. If you remember last year Phil Forte was basically just running around half court screens trying to get an open shot. Now if they were both available they may have 3-4 more wins. Still probably not competing for a conference title, unfortunately.