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Rock Bottom: What the Frickity Frack is going on with the Big 12?

This season is giving me headaches. . .

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. This is what the bottom of the Big 12 standings feels like. Thanks Travis Ford.

Or should I say thanks Mike Holder? But does it really matter at this point? Blame Ford, blame Holder, blame the lack of skill all you want, but Oklahoma State is in last place and very well could finish there. After Monday night's loss at TCU, the Cowboys and Horned Frogs are deadlocked in the basement as both teams split the season series. Oklahoma State has home games against Kansas State, West Virginia, and Texas Tech, while they still have to travel to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa State. Sheesh. However, TCU doesn't have it any easier. The Horned Frogs welcome Kansas State and Baylor to Fort Worth, but make road trips to West Virginia, Iowa State, Tech, and K-State. Once again, sheesh.

Most college basketball fanatics who are paying attention to the Big 12, are focused on the battle for first place. Kansas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia are all currently tied for first, with Baylor, Texas, and Iowa State all with legitimate chances. But what if I told you there's a not so entertaining race in the Big 12 that doesn't involve those teams? You'd be intrigued, right? Right? In the Big 12, you're rather fighting for a conference championship, or you're fighting not to finish last. Outside of the top six teams that are all within grasp of a Big 12 regular season championship, there are four teams in a respective fight of their own. Kansas State, Tech, OSU, and TCU are all within a game and a half of each other.

This conference is so top heavy, it's ridiculous. You're rather looking like a four seed or better, or you're not even NIT worthy. The Pokes and Wildcats meet up this Saturday, while K-State and TCU tangle this Tuesday. Half of Texas Tech's final eight games are against ranked opponents, while TCU finishes their dismal regular season with four ranked opponents in seven tries. Kansas State MIGHT have the easiest road out of the bottom dwellers. Yes, they have half their games against top 25 teams as well, but three out of the four are in Manhattan. What does all this information I just threw at you mean? Absolutely nothing.

Don't ask me who's going to finish last this year. I really don't know. Similarly, I have no clue who's going to win the regular season crown. Probably Kansas.