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Disgruntled OSU Fans Take to Wikipedia

A particularly frustrated fan made sure to voice his opinion on Wikipedia Thursday afternoon with a couple of slight edits to the page of Oklahoma State's head basketball coach Travis Ford.

This was not all that was done, however. The person also adjusted Ford's annual salary:


and added a couple of choice sentences to the Oklahoma State section of his page:


"On April, 2008, Oklahoma State University decided to destroy their program and hired Travis Ford to become the head basketball coach," the person said. "He has since managed to completely tear apart the tradition that Henry Iba and eddie Sutton built."

Early Friday morning, everything seemed to be taken down. The sentences were deleted from both the bottom and the top sections, although one part was not. Where Ford's annual salary was listed, the initial comment was not deleted; in fact, it was just inexplicably altered to become more extreme:


Needless to say, there are some frustrated Cowboy fans out there, and they've found a way to voice said frustrations on the internet.